The show Weeds made its debut in August in the year 2005. In total the show has five seasons but the channel Showtime earned its highest viewership of 1.3 million viewers during the fourth-season premiere of Weeds. The Season five of its grand finale was aired on 31 August. Seeing its colossal popularity on July 18, 2008 Showtime declared that two additional seasons of thirteen episodes each will be produced. The leading lady of the show Mary-Louise Parker was given the prestigious Golden Globe for her impressive feat whereas Jenji Kohan, the creator won a WGA award for her screenplay for the first episode. Weeds was further appreciated and nominated for 15 Emmy Awards and 10 Golden Globes award.

‘Weeds’ background

The series is a single camera comedy whose main protagonist is a mother called Nancy played by Mary-Louise Parker, who leads a happy married life living in the suburban region of Agrestic, California. The real drama begins after her husband dies all of a sudden and Nancy now faces the world all on her own. She started selling marijuana to people she knew in her circle to make ends meet. The title of the show “Weeds” symbolizes the drug called marijuana, it also suggests the referred the bereavement of a widow, since this show reveals the darker side of the suburban life of America hence the title is very appropriate as weeds also refers to the plant which grows extremely fast just like the suburban houses which spreads in no time and occupies every single empty plot of land available.

Brief of the show

The story is sarcasm of the polished life of the people living behind pristine lawns and shiny closed doors. There dark secrets and dirty habits are unveiled. It was after the death of her husband Judah that the reality of living life the hard hit Nancy. She buys a shop and starts selling cakes but under cover she deals with the selling of drugs. Her accountant Doug is the man responsible to introduce her to this bad world of drugs. Nancy has two kids Silas and Shane. The whole drama grips the interest of the viewers as the story’s twists and turns sometimes put Nancy in a dead-end situation and the excitement increases to see how she will cope up with her present do or die state of affairs. The main reason of the show’s popularity is also due to the fact that the nation of United States is getting involved with drugs in a big way, not only young crowd but even educated adults too are caught into the deadly grip of drugs.

Weeds characters

Apart from Nancy Botwin other characters of Weeds are Celia Hodes played by Elizabeth Perkins, she has a dual character typical of an alcoholic person who has an unhappy marriage and her venom is often spilled at her daughters and friends. Andy Botwin, Judah’s brother, played by Justin Kirk, is a positive character though often behaves irresponsibly. He realized late about his love for Nancy but was unable to declare it. Nancy’s son Silas is played by Hunter Parrish and Shane is played by Alexander Gould. Doug Wilson played by Kevin Nealon is the accountant of Nancy who is a city councilman and often takes advantage of his position for personal motive. He also is a regular buyer of weed. Then there are characters like Conrad Shepard, Heylia James, Isabella Hodes, and Dean Hodes.