Warehouse 13

Warehouse 13 is a science fiction based TV series aired in United States. The TV show was aired in the year 2009 for the first time on Syfy. The executive producers of this series are Jack Kenny and David Simkins. It is actually a dramatic comedy from the Universal Media Studios and has been depicted as part Raiders of the Lost Ark, part The X-Files and part Moonlighting.

The show follows Secret Service agents Myka Bering played by Joanne Kelly and Peter Lattimer played by Eddie McClintock on their investigations pertaining to the Warehouse 13 a secret governmental warehouse containing supernatural objects. The task they have got is to retrieve objects that are missing and examine reports for the new ones. The show is a popular one with nearly 3.5 million viewers.

Warehouse 13 Plot

The plot of Warehouse 13 revolves around two US secret service agents. These agents after having completed their previous assignment of rescuing an international diplomat in Washington DC are taken to an undisclosed location in the state of South Dakota that harbors supernatural things that have been accumulated by the US government over the years. Their next assignment is to get back some of these supernatural objects that have gone missing from this collection. They also have to conduct investigations about the new objects that have been found. The first season of Warehouse 13 began with the episode titled Pilot. The episodes that followed were titled Magnetism, Resonance, Burnout, Implosion, Claudia, Duped, Elements and Regrets. InitiallyWarehouse 13 was made as a pilot project spanning two hours. Later on a revised edition of the same was written by Mote, David Simkins and Jane Espenson.

Warehouse 13 Characters

The characters of American sci-fi TV serial Warehouse 13 are, as expected, different secret agents. The star cast consists of:
•Eddie McClintock plays the role of Secret Agent Pete Lattimer who uses his guts as well as natural instincts to handle a situation. This quality helps him solve the complicated cases successfully.
•Joanne Kelly portrays the role of official partner of Pete Lattimer, Myke Bering. She is methodical and has an eye for the deeper details.
•Artie Nielson is a tech-savvy senior agent who knows the most about the secrets of Warehouse 13 than anybody else. Though at times Artie is a little eccentric yet he has a sharp mind and aptitude for the dangers that come along on the path of his job. This role is played by Saul Rubinek.

Warehouse 13 update

A great first season has meant that warehouse 13 has already generated considerable viewer interest, even while it has only had 9 episodes aired so far. Warehouse 13 combines science fiction and mystery into a heady cocktail that has great appeal to a large section of audiences, especially in the 18-34 years bracket. A great Sci-fi show was needed to get the ratings back on track and Warehouse 13 seems to be doing that quite well in its very first season. And with great casting and some witty script writing, the audience appeal has increased even more. People have especially become a fan of the Easter eggs, which are intentional clues hidden in the narrative by the writers. Forums and discussion groups are abuzz with these. All in all, long standing success looks extremely likely for Warehouse 13 at this point.