Two and a Half Men

Two and a Half Men is a fantastic American television Comedy series started airing in 2003 by channel CBS in America and 9 Network in Australia, apart from which is shown in around the world in countries like Poland, Canada and New Zealand. This show is developed by the Warner Brother Television and is created by Chuck Loree and Lee Aronsohn. This has easily become the favorite comedy on TV because of the intense laughter it provides throughout the entire episodes. The show is really fun to watch and has an amazing mix of extreme humor in amusing ‘real life’ situations.

Two and a Half Men Plot

The series centers on characters that are financially secure, generally without life’s pressure and have so little to do from day-to-day that they get entangled in goofy frivolous situations. It is about a divorced man, named Alan Harper who has to live with his brother, Charlie Harper. Charlie is a well-to-do bachelor with a luxurious beach-house and irresistible Casanova. Alan, in opposite is married to Judith who gets him to pay for everything and do most jobs in the house. It’s a comedy about Charlie whose life is turned upside down when Alan, being divorced with the 10 year old son (Jake) move into his beach-house. The story rotates around their conflicting lifestyles, such as how to raise the boy with moral and humanity. The entire show appears to be dedicated to making the audience laugh at the character’s dilemmas and it is very amusing to see how everyone’s situation entwines and makes into a large but hilarious plot!

Two and a Half Men Characters

To say the least, the entire cast is hilarious. It is difficult to choose who is the funniest. It is Charlie Sheen, who characterizes Charles Francis Harper. His casual spaced out persona brings out exactly who he is. Jon Cryer playing the role of Alan Harper is just too good an actor. He has some excellent expression of a harassed, exasperated and slightly disturbed character often at sea as to how to deal with a bright son who now and then pairs up with his uncle. Angus T. Jones in the role of the under-achieved son of Alan is a little guy with fantastic talent. In the other characters, Rose played by Melanie Lynskey is a heart-stealer, carefully nurturing her obsessive and yet cute self throughout. Conchata Ferrell as Berta, Holland Taylor as Evelyn Harper and Marin Hinkle as Judith Melnick, were just too good in their acts. The entire cast is very amusing and their voices, attitudes, appearances and body language portray their characters to their full worth.

Two and a Half Men: Overview

To date, six seasons have been broadcasted and with the extreme popularity and demands, the show has been renewed for three more seasons. It has everything to make you laugh hilariously again and again. The characters are diverse and quirky; the subjects always seem to push the limits without offending anybody. The story is also well written which includes some sex driven material that keeps the whole show further entertaining.

To conclude, Two and a Half Men is a show that always brings a smile on your face in every situation. However depressed you may be, this is a must watch program for anybody and everybody that will ensure some relaxation in your troublesome life.