True Blood – General Information

True Blood is one of the popular serials of the American Television. The series of True Blood is quite different from the other regular serials. It shows a co existence between the two worlds of human and vampires. True Blood happens is created and produced by none other than Alan Ball. This television drama series is somewhat based on the famous novel series called The Southern Vampire Mysteries written by Charlaine Harris. The premium satellite channel HBO broadcast this series in the United States of America. The series was first aired on 7th September, 2008.

The drama series was produced in association of Alan Ball production and HBO. Till now two seasons have been aired. The third season will go on the floor before the Christmas of 2009 and it will be aired on mid 2010. The second season of True Blood was aired on 14th June, 2009. The first season of this drama series became a huge hit and it got a lot of critical acclaim. The series went on win many awards which included the most prestigious Golden Globe.

The story revolves round the society where vampires and human live a peaceful life in a small town called Bon temps which means good weather in French. The story is set in a small fictional town in the state of Louisiana. The main characters in this series were played by Anna Paquin, Stephen Moyer, Sam Trammell, Ryan Kwanten, Rutina Wesley, Nelsan Ellis and many others.

True Blood – The Plot

The main character of this drama series is Sookie Stackhouse who is a waitress in a local bar named Merlotte’s and also a telepathic. She happens to fall in love with a vampire named Bill Compton. The owner of Merlotte is Sam Merlotte who is a shapeshifter, but he keeps it a secret from everyone. Bill Compton whos is a 173 year old vampire returns to the small town of Bon Temps for the reason of death of the last relative in his family. The first season shows how the two characters Sookie and Bill get romantically involved gradually.

The most important mystery that surrounds the first season is the murder of a woman who was connected to Jason, Sookie’s brother. Other two characters Dawn Green and Maudette Pickens both get strangled after they were alone with Jason. Detective Bellefleur thinks that Jason is the killer but the whole town of Bon Temps does not think likewise. Even Jason’s grandmother was murdered soon after. The end of the first season reveals the fact that Rene Lenier who actual name was Drew Marshall have been doing all these killings. The first season of the drama series mainly concentrates on the development of relationship between Bill and Sookie. Bill even kills a vampire in order to defend Sookie. He teaches her the rules of the vampire world. Jason becomes addicted to the vampire blood after the murder of Dawn and Maudette’s.