The Unit

The Unit is an action packed drama TV series popular in the US. The series focuses on the highly confidential military unit which is based on the Delta Force.
The program was first broadcasted in United States in 2006 on the CBS channel in form of a mid-season replacement. This series was continuously aired on CBS from 2006 March till the May of 2009.

The show features domestic lives as well as the missions abroad of the team members. The effects of their career and crisis which arise from the same pertaining to their home lives, girlfriends and wives are also portrayed in this series. In the year 2009 a rerun of this show was ordered due to the popularity of the show.

The Unit Plot

The plot of The Unit revolves around the life and adventures of America’s super secret operators. The Unit is a term for the Delta Force which has as its recruits people from the Army of the United States. Their assignments are mainly directed towards countering acts of terrorism. In the TV series The Unit, the force is based at Fort Griffith whose exact location has never been clearly stated. Since the members are involved in secret operations, they cannot reveal the exact nature of their mission to anyone, not even their spouses. They are supposed to identify themselves as part of the 303rd Logistical Studies Group, when they are interacting with someone outside their fraternity. If a member of The Unitis killed in a mission, then the family is informed that the former has been killed while undergoing training.

Characters of The Unit

The popular serial The Unit is a war drama. The lead characters play the roles of US army men and their family members. Lead role of Sergeant Jonas Blane is played by Dennis Haysbert who is in-charge for non-commissioned officer for the Alpha Team. Regina Taylor plays the role of Molly Blane, his wife. Scott Foley is the first Class Sergeant Bob Brown who saves the Secretary of State’s life and captures a traitor cryptologist selling secrets to Chinese spy. He is a sharp shooter and expert marksman in The Unit.
Kim Brown is his wife. Her role is played by Audrey Marie Anderson. The role of Brigadier General Tom Ryan or Thomas R Ryan is played by ace actor Robert Patrick.

The Unit Show update

The market for a great action show is never hit by recession. The Unit has showcased that very well, with popularity remaining steady throughout all the four seasons that it had. The fact that The Unit looks at a different side of the life of secret agents make it a refreshing change from the lot of brainless action shows that you can find. The quality of the story and script writing can be appreciated because the action sequences are fluidly put together and the point of view of those actually in the thick of things has been beautifully expressed. No wonder it has received a primetime Emmy nomination as well. However, fans had to bid the show farewell as it went off air in May 2009 after four seasons.