The Suite Life on Deck

The Suite Life on Deck is a sequel to the hit Disney comedy series ‘The suite life of Zack and Cody’. This series continues with the adventures of twin brothers Zack and Cody Martin along with hotel heiress London Tipton. This time the events take place abroad the luxurious ship, SS Tipton. The first episode of the series was telecasted in United States of America on September 26, 2008. The Suite Life on Deck viewers amounted to a total of approximately 5.7 million in USA. The premiere of this show has the distinction of being the most watched debut episode in Canada on the family channel. Danny Kallis and Jim Geognan are the creators of this comical masterpiece. This show has achieved global acceptance round the world and is aired in more than 30 countries. The show is shot at Hollywood Centre studios in Los Angeles. The pilot episode was made available for free download on the itunes store for the purpose of advertisement.

The Suite Life on Deck plot

The Martin brothers continue with their comical ventures in this much awaited sequel. This time they are on board of a ship, the SS Tipton which belongs to the father of London Tipton. The ship is on a long tour round the world. To make efficient utilization of the time on hand the kids decide to enroll in a semester course at ‘Seven seas high’. Mr.Moseby takes over the management of the ship with the kids busy in their academic activities. The Martin brothers learn a lot about diverse cultures as they travel across countries such as India, Greece, Italy and United Kingdom.

The Suite Life on Deck Characters

Zack Martin played by Dylan Sprouse is more of an extrovert, interested in outdoor activities rather than studies. He works in the juice bar on the ship in order to pay the tuition fees for the semester. Zack is good at sports like basketball and enjoys all sort of physical activities. Sometimes he gets aggressive but he cares a lot about his brother.
Zack’s brother Cody, played by Cole Sprouse is a complete opposite in character. He is a brilliant student and has a great flair for academics but performs badly in sports. Zack is protective about his brother. London Tipton is the friend of the Zack brothers who is the daughter of multibillionaire Wilfred Lipton who owns a series of hotels and the ship SS Tipton. The others in the group see her as a spoilt, good natured girl who is extremely weak in studies.

Then we have Bailey Pickett, played by Debby Ryan who is a nice down to earth girl, fifteen years of age. She is best friends with London Lipton and has shared rooms with her in the past. Cody tries his best to attract Bailey, initially fails but finally succeeds in dating her. The last character of The Suite Life on Deck that is worth mentioning is Mr. Moseby the former manager of the Tipton hotel. He is serious and often gets annoyed with the ideas of the Martin brothers.