The Simpsons

The Simpsons is one of the best American TV shows of all times. Started way back in December 17, 1989 on Fox channel, it is the longest running cartoon in the history of Television. The show already has broadcast 441 episodes and the twentieth season began airing on 2008. The Simpsons started off as a non-serious, satirical look at middle-class life in America and had remained that way for several years. One of the driving forces of the show is the fact that every one of the characters on the show is lovable, dynamic, and each has a personality of his own.

The Simpsons Plot

The Simpsons’ household consists of five family members. The main character of the show is Homer Simpson, a slow and lazy, but loving father of three children in a suburban home. A huge blue beehive hairdo characterizes his wife, Marge, often the moral center of the program. His oldest son is a ten-year-old named Bart, probably the most popular character on the show next to Homer. Lisa, the middle child, is a gifted and emotional one in the family and is extremely intelligent for her age. Maggie, the youngest is an infant and plays a minor role in the show. Other characters include Moe the bartender; Mr. Burns, the nasty owner of the Springfield Nuclear Power Plant of Homer; and Ned Flanders. The story is very funny as it involves the day-to-day activities and takes us through various incidents involving all these well-written characters. The show can make fun of anything, and pretty much already has. It’s touched on racism, homosexuality, environmental issues, and religion.

The Simpsons Characteristics

The show is an animated primetime series that follows the exploits of a hapless and semi-dysfunctional nuclear family by the name of Simpsons, living in Springfield, whose various inhabitants add to the comedy, angst, satire and parody of this series. This makes the Simpsons stand out in a class all its own. It thus appeals to everyone – no-one would find the show unfunny because of its awesome variations. And one of its finest traits is that this show never gives you anything less than what you expect. The fact that it can boast some world class writing team cannot be underestimated, making it the funniest cartoon show ever. Full credit must go to the Animation director David Silverman, who helped to define the look of the show with some stunning display of animations. But, the main essence of the show lies in the reality by which the characters become live. Dan Castellaneta performs Homer Simpson, Abraham Simpson, Barney Gumble and other adult, male characters. Julie Kavner speaks the voices of Marge Simpson and Patty and Selma, as well as several minor characters. The characters of Bart, Ralph, Nelson, Rod Flanders, Kearney and Database lend their voice from Nancy Cartwright.

The Simpsons: in total

Over the course of their two-decade run, The Simpsons it has have won 24 Emmy Awards out of which 12 for Outstanding Voice-Over Performance, 10 for Outstanding Animated Program and 2 for Outstanding Original Main Title Theme Music apart from other numerous honors. This is an all- time classic show reflecting the American culture and has many memorable moments that are sure to be remembered.