The secret life of an American teenager

The secret life of the American teenager broadcasted on the ABC Family is a television series masterminded by Brenda Hampton. July 1st 2008 marked the premiere of the first episode which created history by breaking the record for the highest rated first appearance for the channel. Since the story deals with teenage pregnancy, a socially criticized act hence it was not well accepted by the critics who believed that it could be scandalous to air such a bold show on television. But they were proved wrong by the millions of viewers all over the country. Witnessing its immense popularity and the heart touching performances of the characters the critics appreciated it in the second season which got 4.68 million viewers and is at present occupying the number one position amongst the scripted original show of summer 2009 for adults. It has won the prestigious Teen Choice Award for Choice Summer TV Show.

The secret life of an American teenager story

The show popularly known as The Secret Life has a teenage protagonist called Amy Juergens who has a very ordinary life living in Valley Glen, California. Her world changes when she loses her virginity at a tender age of fifteen in a one night stand with a boy called Ricky. The story in the beginning is about any regular neighborhood and High School but after the news of Amy’s pregnancy breaks out everything and everyone changes. It causes a blow to her parents otherwise not so cordial relations but on the other hand the bonding between the two sisters Amy and Ashley grows stronger. Moreover it is due to Ashley’s support in the initial days of the pregnancy that Amy decides to keep the baby. Though devastated in the beginning later Amy draws courage when deep secrets and dilemmas in everybody else’s life are revealed in front of her.

The secret life of an American teenager story supporting characters

In The Secret Life of the American Teenager There are several important people in Amy’s life without whose presence the story would have never been what it is today. There is Anne Juergens, Amy’s mother portrayed by Molly Ringwald, in spite of having a rocky marriage herself she is quite supportive of her daughter’s pregnancy but makes it clear to Amy that as a responsible mother she herself will have to take care of her baby. Next is George Juergens, Amy’s father who has been alienated by his wife after it was discovered that he was having an illicit affair with Cindy Lee. Later he realizes that he loves his wife but till then the damage has already been done. Ashley is played by India Eisley, who can be described as a loner, self styled, having an air and over confident. But she is the one who first got to know about the pregnancy and acts as the spinal cord of her sister by supporting her through thick and thin. There are also several other vital characters who have their own share to contribute in Amy’s life such as Richard Underwood(father of Amy’s baby), Benjamin Boykewich, Adrian Lee, Grace Kathleen Bowman, Jack Pappas, and Marc Molina.