The Closer

The Closer was a crime drama serial; the main role was performed by Kyra Sedgwick. She played the role of Deputy Chief Brenda Leigh Johnson who led a special squad dealing with Priority Murders. However in the end of season four, the squad was assigned with a new task of kidnap and forgery and then the squad was renamed as Major Crime Division.

The serial was from the production house of Warner Bros; In July14, 2008 the serial came up with its 15 episodes as 4th season and in 8th June, 2009 onward, its 5th season has been started again with 15 episodes. Each of the shows was of 60 minutes and it was available on TNT.

The Closer plot

The Closer is an out an out crime dram in American trend. Kyra Sedgwick is a cool police detective who arrives in Los Angeles to pilot priority Murder Squad that was involved in investigation and detection of sensitive and high profiles murder cases. At the end of the 4th summer season, the squad was assigned with task of dealing with kidnap and fraud cases and thus was renames as Major crime division.

Deputy Chief Johnson was brought to Los Angeles to head a special investigating homicide team. The detective has been portrayed as to notch one, having unique command on her professional work,; she has specializes skill for interrogation and has a unique professional record to complete the cases with suspicions deliberate confession about the crime. However in her personal life while work got main priority she failed to handle her personal relationship and ultimately her marriage was derailed. Although not a top scorer in personal life the detective excels in her professional career. However, the expertise of the Kyra Sedgwick is portrayed in the closer interrogation chamber hence the name of the show is kept closer.

The Closer characters

The main cast is laid by Kyra Sedgwick. Other main characters of these crime dramas are assistant chief Will Pope played by J.K.Simmons, Homicide-Robbery Chief Russell Taylor played by Robert Gossett, FBI agent husband of Taylor Fritz Howard played by Jon Tenney. There are other characters in the squad work as the associates of the murder detection squad with expertise in different crime fields.

The Closer Awards

The awards had been nominated to The Closer were all bestowed to Kyra Sedgwick. She was elected as 2005 Screen Actors Guild N Best Actress in a Drama Series, 2008 N Best Drama Ensemble 2008 and 2007 Hollywood Foreign Press Association N Best Performance by an Actress in a Television Series – Drama. Kyra Sedwick won the Emmy for best dramatic screen presence in a serial for her outstanding role in The Closer.

The Closer Update

Since the premiere in 2005, The Closer had record popularity and viewer rating as top television show. In fact the Closer has been accounted as the most add supported cable viewer ship. Starting from 2005, every year its popularity quotient went high up. In 2008, the viewer ship of this serial was 7.3 million around. Till its premier it ranked number 1 and will probably hold the place till its finale.