That ’70s Show

The importance of comedy in our lives cannot be ignored. Laughter therapy is well advocated form of treatment all round the world. That ’70s Show has attained cult status in the genre of comedy. It is perhaps the driving force behind all the comedy shows in recent times. This show was one of the longest running shows on American television with a total of 8 seasons from the year 1998 to 2006.That 70’s show rating of 8.5 by IMDB which is the most popular and authentic movie review website not only in America but all over the planet indicates its popularity. Mark Brazill, Bonnie Turner and Terry Turner are the creators of this masterpiece. The series was aired on Fox networks, with the first season premiering on August 23, 1998. The first order was for 22 episodes but the show was such a massive hit with the American and world audience that Fox soon ordered for a second season.

That ’70s Show plot

Eric Forman, the main protagonist of the show is a high school student leading a normal college life in the state of Wisconsin in the year 1976. He is a highly sociable character and is very close to friends and family. Together they face the joys and sorrows of day to day life. The story basically revolves around the lives of a group of seven 17 year old teenagers led by Eric Forman in Wisconsin. They all live under the authority of Rod and Kitty, who incidentally are Eric’s parents. Interestingly, Eric’s girlfriend Donna Pinciotti lives next door along with her parents. Eric and Donna’s romance form a key part of the plot. The other side of the story involves Fez; a foreign exchange student massively influenced by American culture and Jackie Burkhart his girlfriend. They have an on off relationship with Jackie dumping Fez a number of times. Their stories are presented in such a hilarious manner that the audiences are left in splits.

> That ’70s Show characters

The main cast for the show included Topher Grace playing the main protagonist Eric Forman, Laura Prepon as Donna, Erics girlfriend, Danny Masterson as Steven Hydes who is Erics best friend and a rebellious drug user, Ashton Kutcher as Michael Kelso and Josh Meyers as Randy Pearson. One character of the show whose name must be mentioned separately is Wilmer Valderrama. In the time period of eight years he got nominated five times for the ALMA award mostly in the category of Best Actor in a Comedy series. He also won the teen choice award in 2006 for his sterling performance as Fez in the last season of That ’70s Show

That ’70s Show elements

This show received massive accolades from the critics for sending a strong yet subtle message on various issues plaguing the society at those times. The issues varied and ranged from feminism, progressive sexual attitudes, hardships due to economic slowdown, teenage drug abuse and many others. Some other specialties of the show included the split screen and the ‘stupid helmet’ which was to be worn by the person deemed stupid by other group members.