Teen Titans

Comic’s books are immensely popular among children and teenagers alike. Realizing this fact big companies and creative developers came forward to make the comic book stories into a television series, one such product are the episodes of teen titans. Teen Titans is a famous American animated television series which is based on the DC comic series with the same title. Glen Murakami is the creator of the show with the production rights resting with Warner brothers. This show was first aired on Cartoon network on July 19, 2003. Teen Titans ratings beat all expectations of the creators and the producing house with Teen Titans viewers rating it 7.7 out of 10 on the internet movie database, the most authentic rating system on the internet.

Teen Titans plot and characters

Robin, the boy wonder is the leader of a superhero team which includes dark Raven, the Cyborg, the alien princess Starfire and the Beast Boy. The team gets involved in epic battles against the dangerous forces of evil such as Slade, Brother Blood and the cosmic Trigon. The initial stories of the series are an adoption of the DC comic books of the 80’s written by Marv Wolfman and George Perez. This animation series is unique as it not only focuses on the action against the villains but also their inner turmoil for being teenage super heroes and balancing both aspects of their lives. Season 2 of teen titans were based on the most popular books of the series titled ‘Judas contract’ and ‘Terror of Trigon’. There was a addition in large numbers to the group of titans, these people fighting on the side of justice were known as Honorary Titans. Robin, the leader of the Titans is played by the Scott Menville, Raven by Tara Strong, Starfire by Hynden Walch, Beast boy by Greg Cipes and Cyborg by Khary Payton.

Teen Titans Facts

The headquarters of the titans located in the Jump city was known as the Titan Towers which consisted of residential chambers, training facilities and the most important part, the command center. Starting from the fourth season a second group of titans came into the picture who built their headquarters reminiscent to the first one.
A strong connection exists between the batman series and the titan TV show. Firstly, the leader of the Titans is Robin who incidentally happens to be Batman’s sidekick. Moreover in an encounter when the evil Slade proclaims to be the father of Robin in a series of dialogue, Robin replies that he already has a father obviously alluding to Batman. Moreover there is a mention of Wayne enterprises in one of the episodes which obviously belonged to the Batman.

Teen Titans Awards

strong> Teen Titans was nominated for a total of four Annie awards spanning over a two year period of 2004 and 2005. The Annie awards are the most prestigious award in the animation industry. The categories include outstanding story boarding in animation Television production, outstanding music in animation Television production, and best sound editing in Animation Television. The show was a winner in 2005 for sound editing.