One of the favorite in the genre of horror television dramas, Supernatural has elements of the mysterious and magical. The paranormal elements present in the serial gives it the spooky atmosphere it is known for. The first season of the show was telecast in 2005. Since then there has been a number of seasons of Supernatural. These numerous seasons of the same, and the ratings hint at the popularity of the series. Usually the audience loses interest in a particular show, but the elements of the supernatural in the series have kept the audience glued to their TV sets.

Supernatural Plot

The plot of Supernatural is based on the story of two brothers Dean and Sam Winchester who fight it out with creatures whose presence is not felt by anyone else. Their tryst with the supernatural began early in life as they lost their mother to a fire that turned out to be a work of the supernatural elements. This made their father hell bent on discovering what led to the mysterious death of his wife. He even introduced his sons in his quest for the supernatural. Much later, one of the brothers Sam moved away from the family to attend Stanford University while the other stayed back to help his father. Everything went on fine in their lives until their father disappears mysteriously all of a sudden. This incident makes the two brothers come together and they embark on a journey across the country to find their father. They travel across the country and during the course of their journey unearth details about paranormal activities.

Supernatural Characters

Supernatural mainly revolves around the two protagonists, the Winchester brothers, Sam and Dean. Since the TV series Supernatural is based on their travels across the land in search of their father, these two characters have a significant presence throughout all the seasons of the show. The show also focuses on the relationship between the sons and their father, John Winchester.

The character of Sam Winchester is introduced in the very first episode of the show as a student of the Stanford University and who is not at all comfortable with his family’s preoccupation supernatural events. Throughout the series Sam is shown to possess precognitive and telekinetic ability. Sam Winchester’s role has been played by Jared Padalecki.

Dean Winchester has been projected as one who would anything to save his family. He, unlike his brother, stays back with their father. He even slays a demon in order to save the life of his brother. The role of Dean Winchester in this fictional series has been essayed by Jensen Ackles.

Supernatural Popularity

The popularity of Supernatural can be gauged by the fact that it has had a successful run for five seasons. Moreover its success has prompted its availability through various other mediums like the web. Its episodes are now available for download on the website of the Australian channel Network Ten. It is in fact the first US based television show that can be downloaded for free in Australia. Supernatural has an IMDB rating of 9.