Sonny with a Chance – General Information

Sonny with a chance is a very popular TV show of Disney Channel. This is an original comedy drama series that is created and designed by Steve Marmel for Walt Disney productions. The story of Sonny with a chance is all about a teenage girl named Sonny Munroe. She is an ambitious girl who gets the opportunity to become one of the cast members of the live comedy show called, So Random! This comedy drama series was first aired on Disney Channel on 8th February, 2009. After it became a huge success in America the show was broadcasted on Disney Channel Latin America and the first telecast on this channel was done on 29th May, 2009. When the show was running its first season it was declared by the producers that the show is a huge hit and thus it has been selected for its second season also. The second season of this hit TV show will go on floor in November 2009. Tiffany Thornton confirmed this news in her Twitter account that the show is ready for shooting the second season.

One of the most important facts about this comedy drama series is that this is the first Disney channel original TV series that was completely shot and telecasted in high definition from its very first episode. Although the whole series has been filmed on tape like every other Disney sitcom productions, the whole appearance has high definition effect.

Sonny with a Chance – Characters

The story of Sonny with a chance revolves round a teenage girl Sonny Munroe who gets a chance to become one of the member of the live comedy show So Random! She has recently moved to Hollywood, California from a small town of Middleton, Wisconsin. She gets the taste to real Hollywood when she got a role in the fictional comedy So Random! This comedy drama series tells us Sonny’s various experiences with her recently found stardom and acting career. She has learnt things like always maintaining a positive image for herself in front of the media, creating the sketches properly, and getting on and maintaining a rapport with the crew members of the show she is working in.

The major characters of this American comedy drama series are:

Demi Lovato – she played the title role of Sonny Munroe. She is a teenager from small town in Wisconsin and came to Hollywood with her mother. She got cast in the fictional comedy show called So Random!

Tiffany Thornton – She is playing the role of Tawni Hart who is a spoilt brat and also the teen cast member of the show So Random!

Sterling Knight – He is playing the role of Chad Dylan Cooper. He is the heartthrob of all the teenage girls in the McKenzie Falls and Tween Weekly.

Dough Brochu – He is playing the role of Grady Mitchell. He is also a teen cast member of the fictional comedy show So Random! He is the best friend of another member called Nico.