Smallville is a series of impending chronicles of a juvenile boy’s journey and his transformation of becoming a larger than life character in form of Superman. The Warner Brothers primarily broadcasted the television series and it was first premiered on October 16, 2001 at 9pm. The series received all the positive responses during its commencement where the previous superman star, Christopher Reeve expressed his appreciation for the series. Smallville series were designed in a planned manner with the prologue of the regular cast in the episodes of the first season. These episodes were also focusing on the villains who were originating power from kryptonite revelation. Then it was Clark, the protagonist who was engaged dealing with his alien origins. Then follows the next series where Clark ascertained his Kryptonian legacy. Clark’s father Jor-El, communicated with Clark through his spaceship just in form of a voice. Clark then was being introduced with the purpose of his birth and the plots involving his earthly affairs.


Smallville characters are as usual out of the ordinary for their performances in a brave plot like this. Tom Welling has played the character of Clark Kent, the man with super human qualities who is troubled with the thought of his alien origin. He is always ready to help others with his unusual abilities, while they are in trouble. His only desire is to live a common man’s life, which he cannot because of his destiny.
Lana Lang, a common girl, is being played by Kristin Kreuk. This character has a hole in her heart and had lost her parents and she gets connected with Clark.
Michael Rosenbaum represents the character of Lex Luthor who is a billionaire’s son, and developed a bond of friendship with Clark after Clark saved him from death. But with the evolution of the series, they fall apart and are considered to be each other’s enemies.
Then comes Allison Mack who played the role of Chloe Sullivan, Clark’s friend and she is in love with Clark. Just like this there are other characters in the series who are responsible for various twists and turns in the episodes and also helped in expansion of the series.


The series of Smallville have won various awards throughout the first few seasons. It was honored with the awards like Emmys and Teen Choice Awards. Smallville has been honored by Leo Awards, quite a few numbers of times. In the year 2002, the American Society of Composers, Authors, and Publishers awarded the famous band Remy Zero, for their opening theme song, “Save Me” in Smallville.
The pilot episode of Smallville was the one to make a record with the highest rated debut for the WB and the episode engrossed not less than 8.4 million viewers. The series of Smallville had been enriched with mesmerizing music and scores by many well-known composers like Mark Snow and others.
The show is undoubtedly full of entertainment with so many incidents and actions that follow in a planned method, in every episode.