Sex and the City

Sex and the City is a romantic comedy series of a different type that had gained rapid popularity among the American television audience. The show was run by the HBO and consisted of 6 seasons from 1998 to 2004. The series was a creation of Darren Star and deals with the story of four women in their late thirties discussing about a variety of sex related issues. This sex and the city series was based on a book by Candace Bushnell which had the same title.

Sex and the City plot

Sex and the city is a story of four bachelor women with confused sex lives. Though in their mid-thirties, they have been unable to sustain any stable or long term relationship. They confide in each other regarding their problems and frankly discuss their sexual desires and romantic inclinations. Carry Bradshaw, a charming beautiful lady is the narrator of the story and by profession a columnist who expresses her rather interesting views through her writings based on her discussions with her three best friends, Miranda Hobs, Charlotte York and Samantha Jones. Miranda Hobs is a lawyer with a firm aim to reach the zenith in her professional life, but also desires a steady long term relationship. Ironically her boyfriend is insecure and whimsical. To make things worse he is the only one she could land up with. Charllote York played by Kristan Davis is characterized by her positive attitude towards life. She is from a wealthy background and has a more orthodox view towards relationships.

Sex and the City Characters

Sarah Jessica Parker plays Carry Bradshaw the main protagonist of the story who captivates the imagination of the audience through her vivid descriptions of intimate escapes. As a proof of her brilliant acting she has been awarded the ‘Emmy’ in the category of outstanding lead actress in Comedy series in the year 2004. She prefers to make her own style statement and grows as a writer professionally from the first season to the sixth one with her essays getting compiled as a book. Samantha Jones plays Kim Cattrall the oldest and most sexually confident person in the group. She runs her own business in the field of public relations. She is extremely loyal to her friends and is always there for them through thick and thin. Moreover her mental strength is remarkable as she continues to lead a normal social life in spite of suffering from cancer and undergoing painful treatment.

Sex and the City awards

Due to sterling performances from characters and crew alike, sex and the city has been showered with large number of nominations and awards over the period of six years it was being telecasted. It had a total of 50 nominations for Emmy’s in different categories. Sarah Jessica Parker and Cynthia Nixon managed to win the Emmy for the respective category of outstanding actress in comedy series and outstanding supporting actress in comedy series. Moreover the show itself got nominated for 24 golden globe awards and won 8. The category included best comic TV show and best actress in a TV series which went to Sarah Jessica Parker.