Scrubs – General Information

Scrubs is a comedy drama series which got aired first on 2nd October 2001 on the NBC channel. It is one of the most loved and most watched comedy dramas of the American television. The Scrubs was the creation of Bill Lawrence. The series is presently produced by the ABC Studios. The drama is all about the hospital Sacred Heart and the employees of this hospital. Sacred Heart is a teaching hospital and the main character of this series is Dr. John Dorian. The dialogues are quite fast paced with slapstick humor and surreal vignettes. It was a hit show and thus after the seventh season was aired on NBC, ABC bought the rights of the series on January 2009 and produced the eighth season. The eighth season was premiered on ABC channel on 6th May 2009. It is said that Scrubs have renewed the contract with ABC for its ninth season too. The ninth season of the Scrubs will have Sarah Chalke and Zach Braff signed for six episodes.

The episodes of Scrubs focuses the thoughts and point of vies of its central character, Dr. John Dorian played by Zach Braff. There are a lot of voice over in the episodes done by Braff himself. According to the creator, Bill Lawrence, they wanted the story to be told from Dr.John’s point of view, so they put in Braff’s voice over rather than a monotone narration. The series of Scrubs was entirely shot in a single camera set up rather than the multiple camera setups that are generally used. This is perfect for shooting situational comedies.

The comedy series is all about Dr. John and his colleagues and friends in the hospital. It is a story about both their professional and personal lives. The most interesting thing about this series is that although the episodes are well scripted, the actors get an opportunity to improvise their lines in their own way. Another attraction of this comedy series was the guest appearances made by many movie stars like Bendan Fraser, Colin Farrell and Heather Graham.

Scrubs – Cast and characters

The Scrubs has seven major characters and there are numerous characters that keep on appearing in one episode or the other. The major notable characters are:

Dr. John Dorian – The character of Dr. John Dorian is played by Zach Braff. He is a young physician at Sacred Heart who is also the narrator of the series.

Elliot Reid – The character of Elliot Reid is played by Sarah Chalke. She was previously an intern in the hospital and became a private practice doctor. She is romantically involved with Dr. John.

Christopher Turk – The character of Christopher Turk is played by Donald Faison. He is Dr. John’s best friend and also assist him is surgeries.

Janitor – The character of Janitor is played by Neil Flynn. He is the custodian of the hospital. He shares an adverse relation with Dr. John in the series which was established from the first episode of the series.