Rescue Me

The story of a fire fighter unfolds gradually in the dramatic comedy Rescue Me . Most people tend to hail the fire fighters as heroes but forget that they are also human with all the human failings as well. The series succeeds in portraying that very nature of men. The main fire fighter in this well watched television series is Tommy Gavin played briliantly by Denis Leary. His character seems to battle constantly both with fire and life issues. The show was created by Denis Leary and Peter Tolan and premiered on Fox TV way back in 2004. It has been running continuously for five seasons since then. The creators have confirmed that the show will go on air once again in 2010 and the end of the series will coincide with the date of 9/11.

Rescue Me Plot

The plot of Rescue Me manages to hold the interest of the American public because it tries to deal with real life situations. From effects of trauma post 9/11 to domestic violence, the story line has the veteran fire fighter Tommy Gavin struggling with all of them. He loses his cousin and best friend in the tragedy of 9/11 but frequently encounters visions where his friend tries to help him. The main character is by no means a lovable hero but has all the human failings. He is ill tempered and hypocritical. Manipulating a situation to his own advantage is not beyond him either. The plot has succeeded in involving the audience as Tommy struggles to get back with his estranged wife for the sake of his children. No matter which way he goes he undoubtedly encounters problems at every corner of his life.

Audience Reaction to Rescue Me

The initial show of Rescue Me was particularly well received by the audience. The joint writers Denis Leary and Peter Tolan were both awarded an Emmy for outstanding writing. Other Emmies for direction and acting followed and the show notched up a high rating. Critics were unflaying in their praise and particularly lauded the writer duo for tackling sensitive issues like alcoholosm, depression, homophobia and the trauma faced by people after the 9/11 attacks. Both season one as well as season two were watched by more than 2 million audience. The Rescue me series has its fair share of controversies too. The show was accused of portraying too much of violence. A scene depicting the usage of rohypnol and Viagra before comitting a sex crime came in for a lot of criticism as well.

Rescue Me Music

The shortened version of the song “C’mon C’mon” by the well known band The Von Bondies has been used as the theme song for the series. Denis Leary’s son Jack is responsible for choosing most of the songs that are played within the show. Christopher Tyng is the music composer fpr the underscore as well as the end of the title song. The end of each episode of Rescue Me usually ends in a musical montage. The band Apache Stone frequently plays within the series too. The official music sound track of the show was releaed in the year 2006.