Raising the Bar

Raising the Bar is an intense American drama series which was originally created by Steven Bochco and Davis Fiege. This series made its prime time premiere on TNT networks on September 1, 2008. In the debut season itself it could boast of 7.7 million viewers. This is still a record for the largest number of viewers for a new series launch on American Television. Raising the bar beat ‘The 4400’ which had a viewer base of 7.4 million and ‘The Closer’ which had a total of 7 million viewers to its credit.

To give you a rough idea regarding the consistent popularity of ‘Raising the Bar’, the show recorded 5.5 million viewers per episode since its premiere. Not only was this show a huge hit in United States of America but it also managed to attain decent numbers in the overseas market with its episodes being telecasted in countries such as Turkey, Spain, Italy, Portugal, Norway, Greece, New Zealand and many more. Moreover to add to its glory the episodes were telecasted in prime time television.

Raising the Bar plot

This show revolves around a group of law school classmates who by the twist of fate end up on opposite sides of each other in the court room. Slowly their previous relationships and friendships start to interfere with their professional liabilities. Their inner turmoil, spectacular courtroom trials mixed with intense emotional outbursts make for an interesting watch. Jerry Kellerman plays an idealistic public defender who is prepared to go to any extent for justice. This results in several conflicts with law enforcement officials and ADA’s. Truddy Kessler plays the judge who presides over the courtroom which is often subject to heated arguments.

In the first season Kellerman defends a client wrongly convicted for robbery. The judge gets influenced by political pressure and adjudicates him guilty. The side plot involves Natalia defending an amputated person convicted smuggling heroin in his artificial limb. Both the court cases make for extremely entertaining viewing.

Raising the Bar Characters

Jerry Kellerman played by Mark-Paul Gosselaar and Currie Graham, played by Nick Balco are the two main characters of the show. Nick Balco, a veteran of 17 drama shows on prime time television produces a sterling performance in this show. The other Raising the Bar characters include Trudy Kessler by Jane kaczmarek, Jerry Kellerman by Mark-Paul Gosselaar and Marcus McGrath by J.August Richards. If we look into the production history of Raising the Bar it was a joint venture of TNT and ABC studios, with Steven Bochco as executive producer and Jesse Bochco as the co-executive producer. The first season consisted of 10 intriguing episodes with 15 episodes in the second season.

Raising the Bar viewers consist of people of different age groups. The mass acceptance of this show orders well for all the future seasons of the show. This show has brought about a sense of freshness which was missing in other drama series of that time and acted as an inspiration for future hit drama series.