Merlin is a 13 part British television drama that is been in air in BBC One channel of UK since September, 2008. The series is produced by Shine Limited and is being slotted in Saturday evening family drama time. In June 2009, this series was broadcasted on NBC in the U.S after 30 years of history, which significantly underlines the popularity of this TV show. Merlin provides another entertaining, fast paced, family thriller sure to please countless people of all ages and backgrounds with its unique mythical adventures. It has clearly out performed its competition as a new series. After such a successful first season the next is even bigger and better.

Merlin plot

Set in the mythical City of Camelot, the story follows young Merlin’s dangerous journey as he comes face to face with legendary and fantastical characters. The king of Camelot, Uther, has outlawed magic and imprisoned a dragon. Merlin, who was born with extraordinary magical powers discovers, after being informed by the last dragon, who is held as a prisoner deep under the city, that he has an important destiny in protecting the king’s arrogant son, Arthur, so that he may grow up to found a great kingdom. Merlin soon becomes Arthur’s servant and finds out that magic is outlawed and nothing is ever easy.

Merlin follows a simple but effective structure often found in its genre; he is left to battle evil in secret without letting anyone see his magical powers.
Add to it the some romantic plot lines that never quite seem to materialize, makes it worth watching.

Merlin Characters

The cast is excellent – Colin Morgan as Merlin makes a most likable hero and for once this hero is not a rude rebel, but a fun, eager young chap out to save the world and everyone in it. Though you get that awkwardness of a teen at times, yet you will also see those classic undertones of developing power.

Anthony Head, a wonderful actor displaying King Uther is the best casting choice.
With other stars including Bradley James as Prince Arthur, Richard Wilson as Gaius, Katie McGrath as Morgana, Angel Coulby as Gwen, and John Hurt as the voice of the Great Dragon, Merlin is an enthralling new twist on a legend that is as old as time. There is a good chemistry between the main characters and the acting of each is pretty strong.

Merlin Overview

“Merlin” is a great breath of fresh air with the acting being top notch, the cast has been picked with perfection, and the story line is creative, clever, and deepens by the episode. It has got an absolutely wonderful mix of myth and legend and special effects that works well on its own and as part of a series appealing directly to the imagination.
Merlin is finally a show the whole family can watch. There is no outright sexual content. No horrific things to scare children. In total, it is just a good fantasy show loosely based on the Arthur legend. A fantasy based drama show that is worth a slot in prime time of UK and more appropriately, in the US.