Malcolm in the Middle

Malcolm in the Middle is a popular US comedy based television series. This program is the brain child of Linwood Boomer and it was created to be aired on the Fox Network. This series was broadcasted for the first time on January 2000, and it continued to be aired for the next six-and-a-half-years until it ended on May 2006, after around seven seasons and as much as 151 episodes were aired. The series won the Peabody Award, received several critical acclaims. It also won around nine Emmy Awards, 1 Grammy Award and was nominated for nearly 7 Golden Globes awards.

The series follows a teenager called Malcolm who has two other older brothers and one younger brother. All of them live together with their mom and dad.

Malcolm in the Middle Plot

The plot of Malcolm in the Middle centers around a weird family and the protagonist Malcolm is the second in line amongst his other two brothers. This is where the show derives its name from. The elder brother has been sent to a boarding school as his folks believe that will discipline him and he won’t turn out to be a trouble maker. Malcolm has his problems with the family but he is all the more disturbed when he is identified as a young prodigy and attracts special attention from his school. The family in the TV series Malcolm in the Middle hails from an unknown place. The plot of Malcolm in the Middle during the initial seasons focused on Malcolm and his travails but in the later seasons it went on to focus on the lives of the characters around Malcolm.


As suggested in the title itself, the protagonist of this popular TV serial Malcolm in the Middle, Malcolm is the middle child of Wilkerson family. He has two older brothers- Francis and Reese, and two younger brothers Dewey and Jamie. The role of Malcolm is played by Frankie Muniz. The older brothers’ roles are portrayed by Christopher Masterson and Justin Berfield. Erik Per Sullivan portrayed the character of Dewey. There is an interesting fact about the actor playing the role of Jamie. Twin brothers James and Lukas Rodriguez played James. The child James was played by twin sisters Kara and Jessica Sanford. Hal and Loi Wilkerson are the parents of these five brothers. Their characters are played by Bryan Cranston and Jane Kaczmarek.

Malcolm in the Middle update

Ever since its television debut in 2000, Malcolm in the middle has been widely appreciated as one of the funniest and touching shows on television. This has led to international popularity, with the show being presently broadcast in all of 57 countries. There have been seven seasons so far and that is testimony enough to the shows long standing appeal. Malcolm in the middle has had a lot of critical acclaim to its credit as well, including nine Emmys and all of seven Golden Globe nominations. Even though the original season seven ended in 2006, the re-runs across all the broadcasters still attracts a lot of viewer-ship. This means that the show is still popular amongst youngsters the world over and the renewed high definition telecast is generating significant viewer interest.