Leverage is a popular TV series based on high profile theft, done by experts of their own field. This show is aired on TNT channel. After the first season of thirteen episodes producers decided not to renew it so the production house shifted to Portland in Oregano from Los Angeles. Finally, on July 2009, a second season was premiered. This season has been divided into two parts- first nine episodes for the summer and rest six by winter. As per the latest update, TNT has declared that the serial Leverage is due for a renewal for yet a third season. Dean Devlin is the director of the show who is also an Executive Producer of the show along with John Rogers.

Leverage Plot

The Leverage plot revolves around the attempt of a group of offenders, equipped with latest gadgets, to rob rich criminals and shady businessman of all their money. This can be seen as a modern day adaptation of Robin Hood. The gang of these social offenders is headed by the protagonist Nathan Ford who had earlier served IYS Insurance in the capacity of an insurance fraud investigator. Nathan Ford along with his men manages to extort money from the greedy businessmen. The TV series Leverage had thirteen episodes in its first season. The first regular episode of Leverage was titled The Homecoming Job. It revolved around the gang, functioning as Leverage Consulting & Associates, to conduct a sting of a military contracting firm. The company has been involved in usurping the funds of the government and Nathan and his men attempt to get it back to the government.

Leverage Characters

The five computer expert cons in the TV series Leverage are:

•Nathan Ford played by Timothy Hutton- He is the mastermind of the team. Previously he was an investigator with an Insurance company fraud. Commonly called Nate is divorced to his wife Maggie.
•Sophie Devereaux is a British actress who has shown expertise in stealing art pieces. Her character is portrayed by Gina Bellman.
•Eliot Spencer is skilled with martial art and other combat qualities like weapon experts and retrieval art. He does not like guns yet is proficient in shooting. This character is played by Christian Kane.
•Parker is an expert safe cracker and pickpocket. Beth Riesgraf plays the character.
•Alec Hardison is a computer savvy and hacking expert. Aldis Hodge plays this role.

Leverage: an overview

Leverage has been quite a hit ever since it made its debut on TNT in 2008. The concept of high tech robberies has captured viewer imagination and audience response has been positive to say the least. At the time of writing, season 2 is still in progress and popularity of the show has been laudable on TNT. As a result, awards and accolades for the show are sure to follow. Emmy nominations appear to be on the cards. The shows future on TNT seems to be secure as the popularity will probably ensure that funding for subsequent seasons comes in. The concept being a bit different makes the characters in the serial lovable even though they may be criminals. This is one of the USP’s of the show.