iCarly is a popular TV series in United States. This series was nominated for the Emmy Award television series and it was premiered in 2007 on the Nickelodeon. The program started appearing on YTV on the next month. In UK this television series was first broadcasted by Nickelodeon UK during the Easters in the year 2008 and in Australia on May the same year by Nickelodeon Australia.

This TV series is based on a girl called Carly. Now Carly creates her very own web show named the iCarly along with her closest pals Sam and Freddie. It stars Jennette McCurdy, Miranda Cosgrove, Jerry Trainor and Nathan Kress. The series was created by Dan Schneider and he was also the executive produced of the program.

iCarly Plot

iCarly TV series is a show within a show. Its protagonist Carly is the creator of a web based show that is titled iCarly. The only family that Carly has is her brother Spencer and she lives with him. She has a temporary studio set up at her home and she works on her web based show from there. Nobody at school knows about her work and it is only by accident that she is made assigned responsibility for a school talent show and she turns the auditions into a video. The video is then uploaded on the Web by a friend without Carly having any inkling of it. The video eventually becomes very popular and in the end iCarly comprises everything from recipes to remedies.

iCarly Characters

The popular American TV serial iCarly was first aired on Easter. The lead character of the show is Carly Shay, played by Miranda Cosgrove who is thirteen year old. She is a star of her show iCarly that is telecasted on Internet. She has two friends who along with her produce the show. They are Sam or Samantha Puckett and Freddie or Fredward Benson played by Jennet McCurdy and Nathan Kress. Carly Shay has a 26 years old brother Spencer Shay portrayed by Jerry Trainor who is the legal guardian of the little star Carly.
The recurring characters who do not have any significant role but appear frequently are Gibby Carlson and Jeremy, class-mate of the star trio. Their roles are played by Noah Munck and Nathan Pearson.

iCarly update

Though iCarly was generally designated for the younger audiences, its appeal has spread much beyond what was anticipated when the show debuted in 2007. Two seasons on, Carly’s web show from home has attracted a lot of audiences and has raked in the ratings for broadcaster nickelodeon. What’s more, with more seasons to come, as promised by the broadcaster, users will be able to get a lot more of Carly and her friends. The popularity of the show has resulted in an Emmy nomination as well as a website being launched to augment the shows popularity. The website contains media showing the lead characters and supplements the show very well. As of now, fans are eagerly waiting for the next season to commence.