Hung is a drama based comedy series from the Home Box Office and a popular series in US. It was created by Colette Burson and Dmitry Lipkin. The story revolves around Ray Drecker, a struggling school basketball coach in suburban Detroit high played by Thomas Jane who resorts to prostitution.

The pilot of the series was directed by renowned filmmaker Alexander Payne. Payne worked as the executive producer with Lipkin, Burson and the production house Blueprint Entertainment. The most interesting part is the theme song called “I’ll be your man” performed by The Black Keys. The script by Burson and Lipkin was the first big purchase made by the Sue Naegle the entertainment president of HBO in the year 2008. The second season of Hung was renewed in the 2009.

Hung Plot

The plot of Hung revolves around a man who was a former high school sports champion and then worked as a high school basketball coach. An accident in the life of the protagonist forces him work as a male prostitute. The TV series Hung focuses on the life of the protagonist Ray Drecker who is living a not-so-happy life as a history teacher and a school basketball coach. He is living alone though he has two sons who have moved on with their remarried mother. After a fire destroys Ray’s material asset, he had no other way but to utilize his other asset and make a living. The first season of Hung began with episodes titled Great Sausage or Can I Call You Dick?, The Pickle Jar. Doris is Dead or Are We Rich or Are We Poor, This is America or Fifty Bucks and The Rita Flower or the Indelible Stench.

Hung Characters

In the serial Hung, telecasted on HBO, other than Ray Drecker portrayed by Thomas Janes, who plays the lead role, other characters are Tanya Skagle who is the business partner of Ray in this storyline. Jane Adams plays this character. Jessica Haxon is the former wife of Ray. This role is played by Anne Heche. Eddie Jemison of Oceans Thirteen fame also acts in Hung. He plays the role of Jessica’s current husband Ronnie who is a successful person. Ray Drecker and Jessica Haxon had two twin children- Darby and Damon. Darby Drecker is the daughter and has a dicey relationship with her boyfriend Hammer. Damon, the son child of the twins, is marked by his looks. He is a family person who, like his sister Darby, prefers to live with his dad rather than with his absentee mom Jessica.

Hung update

Hung, even though it debuted only in june, is already being billed as a comedy/ drama series with a potential for success. It’s main “asset” is the fact that it showcases the problem that every American family is facing post recession, how to earn that extra bit to sustain their families. Hough it is quite obvious that prostitution is not the way to solve your financial problems; viewers have loved the series nevertheless. With only 10 episodes aired, ratings have been good and HBO has promised a second season for the show at least. This means that for the foreseeable future, interested audiences will be able to tune into the confused life of protagonist Ray Drecker and his attempts at normalcy.