How I met Your Mother

From its very inception, how I met your mother was billed as the show to satisfy all those you wanted a lighthearted take on romance. Today, it is one of the most popular shows on TV, with CBS reining in hefty viewer ratings for each episode that is aired. What makes the show a big hit is the bit of suspense that is attached to it. Basically, the narrative of the show is a whole lot different than any other romantic comedy you may have seen, a narrative which was the creation of writers Carter Bays and Craig Thomas. This style has ensured that the viewers have been hooked to the series from the very first episode itself.

How I met your mother plot

The name of the show stems from the fact that the events shown in the show are part of reminiscence by the lead character, Ted. In 2030, Ted sits down to tell his children the series of incidents that actually led to him meeting their mother and their subsequent union. This is the basis of the name and all that is shown on the show.

The story starts in the year 2005 when Ted is a student and has been living with friends Marshall and Lily. He is still single and after Marshall and Lily decide to tie the knot, at 27, he feels the need for a partner to settle down in life with. Thus begins a series of incidents involving immensely lovable and enjoyable characters as Ted goes through the rollercoaster that is life in search of his perfect soul mate.

How I met your mother cast

The cast of how I met your mother have all gained a lot of fame since the inception of the show. How I met you mother Characters include Ted, played by Josh Radnor has been the darling of the viewers. Lily, played by Alyson Hannigan, famous from Buffy the vampire slayer, has also been a hit with viewers. But probably no character has had as much of an impact on the show as Barney, Ted’s friend, played by Neil Patrick Harris. He has become synonymous with the character and it has catapulted him to nationwide recognition. Neil Patrick Harris has become so famous after this role that he has done hilarious guest appearances playing himself in the two Harold and Kumar movies, the second of which released in 2008.

How I met your mother update

Season 4 ended in 2008 with high ratings and a lot of anticipation. This mostly stems from the fact that after the end of each season of How I met your mother viewers are given a clue towards the true identity of Ted’s life partner. Season 5 is slated begin in late September of 2009 and anticipation is high on the viewer’s part. People are eagerly waiting to find out if Ted’s true love will be revealed in this season itself. Ratings are sure to shoot through the roof when season 5 starts airing on CBS. This could mean more awards for how I met your mother, adding to the already extensive list.