House is one of the best shows for many seasons in US television taking the entire nation by surprise about the wonderful and free-flowing storyline. Started in November 16, 2004, it is a very popular medical drama series created by David Shore, being aired on Fox television for the last 5 hugely successful seasons. It’s an intense drama without the screaming and tears. Aired in 66 countries, House was the most watched television program in the world in 2008.
The main attraction of this show is the sarcasm and the cynical humor which prevails, much more than anything else. Accompanying that, the storyline in this series is worth mentioning- fantastic!

House Plot

The central character of the show is Dr. House who is a cranky, cynical, highly intelligent doctor with a limp right leg who with his team of fresh faced medical doctors; try to cure very ill ordinary people of New Jersey. He uses weird unconventional medical therapies to treat people.
House, even though cranky and unlovable, is a sweet guy at heart. Though he rarely visits his patients, he is very straight forward in this talking. He will call you an idiot to your face. This makes him a bitter person when dealing with others yet he is one of the best doctors in his field of diagnostic medicine. He is being forced to serve his clinic hours that he had avoided for a number of years, and this is where the show takes place; in a walk in clinic. Each show is a mysterious new case that puts the patient’s life on the line as time runs out.
This show is just a perfect riot, even though it is a drama. It is tightly-written, and there are at least as many layers to the characters as there are to the medical mysteries.

House Characters

The main character, Dr. Gregory House, is played perfectly by Hugh Laurie. He carefully brings out the every unique characteristic that sums up Dr. House. He is able to depict House’s startlingly genius IQ that is intertwined with his childishness and sullenness, which, in turn, hide the fact he does care for his patients and those close to him. Hugh Laurie does tend to carry the show, but the supporting actors help bring out the various layers of House’s personality.
Reeling him in are his best friend Doctor James Wilson played by Robert Sean Leonard, who sees House as fulfilling his need, and his boss Lisa Edelstein portraying Doctor Lisa Cuddy, one of the few who can give House as good as he dishes out in terms of insults and popularity as well. Training under House as his fellows are Jesse Spencer (Robert Chase), Jennifer Morrison (Allison Cameron) and Omar Epps (Eric Foreman), who all makes up a brilliant cast in their own characters. They are the reason the plots hang so well together.

House: Overview

This show is acclaimed by all and has high viewership ratings. It was among the top ten rated shows in the United States from its 2nd-4th season but in the 2008–09 season, it fell to nineteenth overall.

House is a highly recommended show for those looking for something put together with intelligence and adult characters who act like adults instead of over-grown adolescent children in high school. In total, it is a good and a funny show.