Home and Away

Home and Away is Australia’s most popular TV series that has been in production since January 1988. This Logie award winning soap opera is produced by the Seven Network of Sydney. The popular program runs in various countries around the world and has gained a strong fan following over the years. The main reason why this show is watched in houses all over the world is that the storyline is based on subtle human relations and emotions. The central aspect of this soap is family drama which plays the major aspect in its success.

Home and Away plot

Home and Away plot is about the fictional town of Summer Bay, which is located just north of “The City” (Sydney) with a lot of trouble in it. This show explores the relationships, scandals and lives of the characters in Summer Bay.
The series originally concentrated on the lives of the Fletcher family (Pippa and Tom Fletcher), who had set up a tourist trailer park in the community. Pippa’s storylines would dominate the soap opera until her departure in 1998 when the children were brought into prominence. Other families that have joined them later in Summer Bay are The Stewart family and The Sutherland family.

Every soap opera relies on its core families and this one is no exception. This classic Australian soap chronicles the lives, loves, happiness, and heart-breaks of the residents of Summer Bay and also depicts the trials and tribulations, plus the romances, arguments, successes and failures of the people of this town, boasting an intriguing story so far. And thus it includes divorce, affairs, children, unexpected pregnancies, runaway kids, abusive families, love, loss, and heroism.

Home and Away Characters

Though credit goes to the story writers and directors for producing such a wonderful show, but it is the cast members who reach out to the audience and creates a lasting impression. Without them, there would be no one to bring the story to life. The show initially focused on the characters of Pippa (Vanessa Downing/Debra Lawrence) and Tom Fletcher (Roger Oakley) who ran the Summer Bay Caravan Park. Child actress Kate Ritchie, who played young Sally Fletcher, has grown into a famous actress. Through the span of 20 years, the audience witnessed Fletcher’s growth on screen as Ritchie herself grew up until she left in April 2008. Another Guinness Record holder is actor Ray Meagher, who has held the role of Alfred Stewart on the program since 1988. Actors have come and gone over the years; some, like Ritchie and Meagher, have maintained longevity while others have stayed for just a short while. The list of actors is quite diverse and lengthy too! The present character list includes Ada Nicodemou playing Leah Patterson-Baker, Amy Mathews as Dr Rachel Armstrong, Bernard Curry played the character of Hugo Austin. Charlotte Best, Esther Anderson, David Jones Roberts too displayed the characters of Annie Campbell, Charlie Buckton and Xavier Austin respectively to perfection. Each cast member lived up to the expectations portraying minute details of emotions with finesse.

Home and Away plot has seen success in every possible way and is hugely appreciated all over the world with its fantastic storyline as well as casts. According to some, it is the best TV drama yet!