Heroes is an outstanding television drama series based on science fiction. The main creator of this television show series was Tim Kring. The television serial was aired for the first time on September 26, 20006. The executive producers of this television show are Dennis Hammer, Tim Kring, Greg Beeman, and Allan Arkush and the serial was produced under the banner of Universal Media studios, and Tailwind Productions.

Heroes plot

The plot of this serial is made of different threads integrate on one point. Genetics Professor Mohinder Suresh found all on a sudden that there are different people in the world who are empowered with extra ordinary power and they are investigating his father’s abnormal death.

Most of the characters in this serial drama utilize their power and abilities to bring positive changes in and around. However, as bad resides good, with the heroes, Evil power Sylar also exists who wants to kill the heroes, snatch their powers, and cast his satanic shadow all over the world.

The plot of the serial drama Heroes is like the comic book stories where small stories form the big panoramic screen of the canvas of the drama. In each of the season Heroes introduce a common person who discovers some strange power within him/her and the story narrates the metamorphosis of the characters with the discovery of the hidden power for the good of mankind.

The plot of the serial follows multiple threads at once; these threads are not integrated with each other as each of the heroes decides and flows his/her own trail. But there is a unique synchronization between the plot and actions and motives of the heroes.

Heroes characters

There are 13 main characters in this serial saga; out of them 12 boast of good power where Sylar is a serial killer, the lethal villain who kills the heroes and removes the brains of the heroes in order to assimilate their individual power in his access.

Claire Bennet has the power to cure herself; her blood has an extraordinary healing power for others as well. Nathan Petrelli has a power for flying he is the real father of Claire Bennet. Noah “H.R.G.” Bennet has no specific power inside but is gifted with extraordinary instinct about the organization which has a never ending initiative to control heroes. Peter Petrelli is a super absorber of anybody’s type; can imitate any hero’s ability.

Niki Sanders has lethal powers in turning her evil twin with terrific power and strength initiated by profound zeal in murder. Hiro Nakamura can bend the time and space range. Micah Sanders is a great technopath; Matt Parkham is a master in telepathy. Adam Monroe has the power to redevelop, Monica Dawson enjoys adoptive muscle memory, and Elle Bishop has the protective power of electrified power to make people zapped by her power.

Heroes Update

Heroes is coming back with its 5th Volume on Monday September 21, 2009 with a two hour episode. The 5TH Volume of Heroes is named as Redemption and the chapter-1 is named as Orientation.