Hell’s kitchen

Aspiring young chefs are put to the ultimate challenge in Hell’s Kitchen, a reality television competition starring world renowned chef Gordon Ramsay. Each of these chefs’ dreams of fame and fortune, but many soon find their dreams becoming nightmares. Chef Ramsay demands quality and the intensity of the challenges is beyond anything the contestants can ever imagine. Split into two teams, they must compete against each other to provide their very best in the kitchen.

At the end of each episode of Hell’s kitchen, the chef who provided the best performance in Ramsay’s opinion on the losing team is chosen to select two chefs from their own team for elimination. They must then give their reasons for their selection. Though one of these two chefs may be eliminated, Ramsay is under no obligation to choose either, and the final decision as to who is sent home is made solely by him.

From Waffle House chefs to executive chefs, the competitors are tested in every way possible, from leadership skills to culinary skills. Traditional challenges include a taste-test of everyone’s palette and special events such as birthdays and weddings. The chefs, however, must always be on their toes, as they never know when surprises may be coming.

Hell’s kitchen SEASON 4

In season 4 the winner Christina Machamer was installed as a “senior sous chef” with a $250,000 salary at Gordon Ramsay at the London West Hollywood – not an executive chef as mentioned in show-related publicity and press releases. The London West Hollywood restaurant opened on May 27, 2008, while the series was still on-air.

Hell’s kitchen SEASON 5

Entering its fifth season Hell’s Kitchen takes a ragtag group of wannabe starlets and relentlessly puts them through their paces in a packed out Los Angeles restaurant at the hands of drill sergeant Ramsey. The prize this season is a Head Chef position at the Borgata Hotel Casino and Spa in Atlantic City, New Jersey. Ramsey’s undisputed ability to both cook and teach the culinary arts like no one else in the world, this show isn’t about food at all.

Hell’s kitchen latest episode

To determine what ingredients the chefs will have to combine to create a dish for Chef Ramsay, the teams roll the dice on the Hell’s Kitchen craps table. The winning team earns a trip to Las Vegas after successfully combining unlikely ingredients while the losing team is forced to prep both kitchens for dinner service. To increase the pressure on the remaining chefs during dinner service, Chef Ramsay invites chefs from his own restaurants to sit at the first ever Hell’s Kitchen chef’s table. Tempers ignite when one team keeps making the same mistakes over and over again while another team gets tired of an overly bossy teammate.

Hell’s kitchen ratings

FOX’s Hell’s kitchen easily dominated the 8pm hour with adults 18-49 with a 3.4/11 (rating/shared), the same as last week and again, the best 18-49 performance of the night, HK averaged 7.468 million viewers over all ages.
“Hell’s Kitchen” brought the demographic heat. FOX led the adults 18-49 demographic with a 2.6 rating, edging NBC’s 2.5. CBS finished third at 1.9, followed by ABC, 1.5, and The CW, 0.4. Source: