Hannah Montana

Crushes, dates, proms, and tattoos! And along with it Hannah Montana ! These are what that define the GenY teen. An Emmy-nominated American TV series, Hannah Montana has catapulted itself to cult status. The TV series has inspired a movie, numerous video games, a spectacular array of paraphernalia and mementos, and not to mention, countless dreams of stardom. The dizzying Hannah Montana ratings prove the point.

Hannah Montana plot

Hannah Montana is a Disney Channel production. It is about Miley Stewart, played by Miley Cyrus, who leads the life of an average American teenage girl by the day and a popular rock star Hannah Montana by the night. Miley, in her Hannah Montana persona, hides her actual identity from her frenzied fans. Only a few close friends and her family know the truth about her.

The story of Miley, at Seaview Middle School is one of struggling to fit in within the social milieu. She longs to be accepted by her classmates but is taunted and jeered at by her more extrovert peers. The world of Hannah Montana is a complete contrast. Here she puts on make-up, dons a blonde wig, and takes the center stage, amidst the chants of her innumerable fans. An amazing metamorphosis from a gawky teenager to a young woman of rare charm and mystery!

Hannah Montana is the story of Miley/Hannah trying to balance her life of a girl-next-door and that of a popular pop singer. A story, with touches of the romantic and the fantastic, Hannah Montana has teenagers going gaga over Hannah.

Hannah Montana Cast

Mitchel Musso plays Oliver, Hannah’s love interest in the plat. A student of Seaview Middle School, Oliver is head over heels in love with Hannah. Crashing through her limo roof or hiding himself in her drum: Oliver leaves no stone unturned to sneak a peek at his lady love. Emily Osment’s Lilly is Miley’s bubbly and garrulous friend, and one of the very few people in Miley’s life who knows her secret. Miley’s brother Jackson (Jason Earles) also knows about Miley’s rock star alter ego. Singer Billy Ray Cyrus or Robbie in the show is Miley’s reel and real life father and he is also Hannah’s manager.

The Inspiration Behind Hannah Montana

Unknown to many Hannah Montana viewers, this fairytale TV series is inspired by a That’s So Raven episode, “Goin’ Holywood.” Hannah Montana went through numerous rounds of titling: The Secret Life of Zoe Stewart, The Popstar Life!, and Alexis Texas, before settling on the present incarnation. The name Hannah Montana too evolved from an Anna Cabana, a Samantha York, and an Alexis Texas.

Hannah Montana is in its third season and the fourth and the final seasons are in the pipeline. Numbers are not wrong and they say that Hannah Montana is watched by about 200 million people all over the world. If this audience is considered a population, it would be the fifth largest in the world. Miley’s crooning surely has the world swooning.