Grey’s Anatomy – General Information

The television viewers of the Untied States of America have always loved the drama series which has involved medical cases and stories of doctors and hospitals. In the past there have been many hit series of medical drama that got aired on the American television. Grey’s Anatomy is such a medical drama series telecasted on the American television. This medical drama series revolves round the personal and professional lives of five surgical interns who later on went on to become resident physicians and their mentors. The drama is set in a fictional hospital named Seattle Grace Hospital, located in Seattle, Washington. The series tells us the story of their experiences in professional lives as well as their personal lives. The pilot episode of this drama series which was named A Hard Day’s Night was first aired on ABC channel on 27th March 2005. Since then there was no turning back. The series became a huge hit. The fifth season of this show is already on air with the sixth season on its way.

The medical drama series of Grey’s Anatomy has received various critical acclaim and has become a good commercial success. The viewers of the first season of this medical drama were as high as 22.22 million. The Boston Legal which was aired as mid season replacement got a huge viewer of 16.25 million. Thus it is needless to say that Grey’s Anatomy is one of the hugely popular shows on ABC which is the most watched TV show on a prime time slot. This medical drama series has already won two Golden Globe Awards and two Emmy Awards.

Grey’s Anatomy – Cast and Characters

The cast and characters of Grey’s anatomy includes five surgical interns and their mentors in a fictional hospital located in Seattle. The producers of this show used a technique called blind casting while casting for this show. Thus it appeared that the show has a racially diverse cast. One of the interesting facts about this series was that the creator Shonda Rhimes did not have a pre specified race for all the roles of the show. Thus the racial diversity became quite a natural process while selecting the cast for the roles. The major five surgical interns who later became resident doctors are:

Meredith Grey played by Ellen Pompeo
Alex Karev played by Justin Chambers
Izzie Stevens played by Katherine Heigl
Christina Yang played by Sandra Oh
George O’Malley T. R. Knight

The story of this medical drama series begins at the fictional hospital called Seattle Grace Hospital situated in Seattle, Washington. The five interns are slowly progressing towards being full time resident surgeons in the hospital. Their initial mentor Miranda Bailey played by Chandra Wilson helps then with both their professional and personal problems. Miranda is a general surgeon who later becomes the Chief Resident of the hospital. She also applied for a fellowship in pediatric surgery afterwards. Richard Webber played by James Pickens Jr. is the Chief of surgery.