Greek is a story of youngsters who are all students of the fictitious Cyprus-Rhodes University. The school has an organizational system called Greek consisting of different fraternities within the system. Each club or sect is named after a combination of Greek characters. However, these clubs are unique because the members of each of them belong to a single sex. The entire plot of the series revolves around the interaction between Kappa Tau Gamma and Omega Chi Delta fraternities. The all female Zeta Beta Zeta also forms an important part of this dramatic comedy. There are a few other lesser fraternities involved as well. Although several non-Greek characters are introduced from time to time, they all seem to be tied up with the Greek in some way or the other.

The creator of Greek series Patrick Sean Smith conceived the plot when he realised that the one hour slot on American Television did not offer much to the young adults of the nation. The ABC family readily agreed to telecast the series as it wanted to change its image and become more acceptable to the younger generation of television viewers. However, the intense drama portraying sex, alcoholism and gay relationships is not considered fit for family viewing by average Americans. The producer as well as the network seem to agree on the view that friends can be a substitute for family. The mature subject matter lends a realistic touch to the storyline and makes the young adults easily identify with Greek .

Shooting Locations for Greek

While the series is filmed mostly in the city of Los Angeles, California, the director of the show has also included UCLA Campus of the Westwood district as an imporant location for the series. The University of North Carolina also features prominently in the series as well. The gathering place of the Zeta Beta Zeta is the same as the house shown in the reality series of Beauty and the Geek.

Greek Overview

The main focus of the Greek is the sibling rivalry between Rusty Cartwright and his older sister Casey. Rusty wants to join Greek while his sister is an active member of the Zeta Beta Zeta, an all female house engaged in academics, athletics and philanthropic activities. Rusty is invited to join Kappa Tau by Cappie after he is rejected by Omega Chi. Backbiting, politics as well as healthy competition between the Greek houses follow. Eventually Casey becomes president of Zeta Beta Zeta as the former president steps down after being embroiled in a scandal. The second season of Greek is mainly about relationships and the differences between different dating partners are portrayed convincingly. The second season started with a particularly high rating showing a marked increase in its male viewership. Females between the ages of 12-34 seem to have a preference towards the show too. This season ended on August 2008 with the channel announcing that the show would be back for a third time. The third season began on August 31, 2009 and the viewers were able to watch the camaraderie between its favorite ‘Greek’ characters once again.