Gossip Girl

When you are tired of facing complications all day long and return home to switch on your television set, watching an even depressing drama is the worst thing to unwind yourself. But at the same time when you watch opulence on screen, young crowd happy in their own world, facing the turbulences and handling them in unique way, that amuses you. Isn’t it refreshing? Gossip Girl is one such TV series. It is about nine students from different walks of life enrolled in a high-profile school in the Upper East Side of New York City. Naturally it deals with affluent households. It is not before the third season that the characters in this serial face the real world after they graduate from the school. The Gossip Girl plot revolves around them.

Characters of Gossip Girl

The lead characters of Gossip Girl are
•Serena Van Der Woodsen, played by Blake Lively, who has returned from a boarding school in Connecticut a year after she left Upper East Side. Opportunities like modeling come her way quite easily.
•Blair Waldorf played by Leighton Meester is the one who takes the position of Serena Van Der Woodsen when she leaves the school and becomes the epicenter of the socialites.
•Penn Badgely plays Dan Humphrey who is basically a loner and son of a rock musician. In the TV series, he sees Serena whom he met at a party.
•Rufus Humphrey’s role is played by Matthew Settle who is a rock star and later owns an art gallery. He is the dad of Dan and Jenny Humphrey.
•Nate Archibald is another hunk who has romantic encounters with Serena and Blair and after breaking up with Blair, he had a stint with Vanessa Abrams.
•Jenny Humphrey, the sister of Dan Humphrey, is known for her bad judgments and needs his brother’s intervention to take her out of the crises.
•Chuck Bass is played by Ed Westwick. He is the best friend of Nate. Though initially the episodes demonstrated darker shades of character but in later episodes he was transformed to a positive character.
•Lily Bass, a role played by Kelly Butherford is known for her multiple divorces and is the mother of Serena Van Anderson. She once nurtured a relationship with Rufus Humphrey, father of Jenny and Dan Humphrey.
•Vanessa Abrams played by Jessica Szohr is the best friend of Dan Humphrey since their childhood. Unlike other characters in the serial, she is home-schooled and down-to-earth enough to work in café and later assist Rufus when he starts running an art gallery.

Popularity of the show

Gossip Girl is a popular show. No wonder, it had run successful three seasons. After 18 popular initial episodes, Season 2 Gossip Girl started after a gap of four months and had telecast 25 more episodes that were shown between September 1, 2008 to May 25 in 2009. These episodes were watched by an average of 2.8 millions of Americans. Season 3 Gossip Girl is still running and is due to telecast 24 episodes.