Gilmore Girls

Gilmore Girls is an all time favorite daily soaps of America. It became a major hit when it started its first episode. Gilmore Girls is a comedy drama serial in America mostly loved for the characters Lorelei and Rory the mother and daughter duo. This much loved drama series of American television was created by Amy Sherman-Palladino. The main stars of this drama series that is the mother daughter duo is played by Lauren Graham and Alexis Bledel respectively. This popular serial was a creation of the Warner Bros and made its debut on their channel The WB. On 5th October 2000 the serial started its first season and ended on 15th May 2007. The serial was being aired for seven long years until its seventh and final season which was aired on The CW.

The Gilmore Girls review got top listings in many magazines. One of the most prestigious magazines, the Time magazine listed this serial in their top hundred television entertainments of all time. Another magazine called the Entertainment weekly put the Gilmore Girls on rank 32 in their list of New TV classics. The Gilmore Girls became famous for its fast paced dialogues and never ending run on sentences in between.

Gilmore Girls plot

The story line of the Gilmore Girls TV show mostly revolves round the present day relationships between families, friendship, different social class and generation divides. With frequent political references, popular culture and social comments made in between the dialogues the serial became an instant hit with every section of the American society. The storyline mainly focuses on the relationship between the two main characters of Lorelei and Rory, mother and daughter who lives in the fictional town of Stars Hollow in Connecticut. The story is set in this quiet town with the other characters living roughly within thirty minutes from Hartford.

The story shows the constant conflict between Lorelei and her wealthy parents. Lorelei’s mother and father always dreamt big for their only child. But everything went in vain when the sixteen year old Lorelei became a teenage mother while she was attending the elite prep school. To everyone’s amazement Lorelei refused to marry her child Rory’s father and ran away from the house when Rory was just about one year old. She waited tables at Independence Inn to make a living and eventually became the manager of that Inn from where the serial starts. She always tries to avoid contact between Rory and her parents. The main characters of Gilmore Girls are Lorelei Gilmore, Rory Gilmore, Emily Gilmore, Richard Gilmore, Lane Kim, Sookie St. James and Michel Gerard.

Gilmore Girls Awards

The Gilmore Girls series received many prestigious awards from American Film Institute, Viewers for Quality Television, Television Critics and many more. It also got an Emmy award in 2004 for Outstanding Makeup in the episode called The Festival of Living Art. The series also won awards like Teen Choice awards and Family Television awards. The series got the name of being the best family TV drama series by none other than Young Artist Awards.