Ghost Whisperer

Paranormal has its takers. It also intrigues many more. All these people try to find the answers in the Ghost Whisperer . The Ghost Whisperer is an American TV series, that was first aired on CBS on September 2005.

The show is created by John Gray and produced by Sander/Moses Production, who has collaborated with ABC Studios and CBS Television Studios.

Ghost Whisperer Plot

Ghost Whisperer is the story of Melinda Gordon, played by Jennifer Love Hewitt, and her encounters with beings from the other world. She lives in Grandview, New York with her husband Jim. Melinda is blessed, and at times seems cursed, with the ability to see the dead and communicate with them. She uses her uncanny powers to help ghosts fulfill unfinished tasks or convey messages. Her help in turn allows the spirits to rest and then migrate to The Light. This forms the crux of the Ghost Whisperer , which is going strong for four seasons and is gearing up for a fifth.

Ghost Whisperer: The Seasons

Death, destruction, and intrigue form the hallmark of the first season of Ghost Whisperer. Romano has a huge cult following in Europe. Fanatical as he is, he incites his band of men and women to commit suicide. He also takes his own life and is transformed into an evil spirit. He attempts to prevent earthbound spirits from migrating to The Light.

The first season reaches a crescendo with an encounter between Melinda and Romano, culminating in loss and devastation for Melinda.

In the second season of the Ghost Whisperer, Melinda meets a man who has arrived in Grandview. He is the harbinger of a series of events that actually constitute the links in an evil prophecy. The fulfillment of the prophecy strengthens the stranglehold of the dark forces over the Light. The result: the death of a much loved person.

The third season of Ghost Whisperer is Melinda’s quest for truth. She scours through the yellowed pages of her family history to find answers to the questions tormenting her: questions about her childhood, her father, and how she came to possess her unique gift.

In the fourth season, Melinda meets a professor of Psychology, Eli James, played by James Kennedy, who too acquires the ability to commune with spirits. He develops this trait after his near-death experience when he escapes a fire at Rockland University.

Ghost Whisperer: The Inspiration

Ghost Whisperer ratings speaks volumes of the popularity of the show. It is inspired by the work of “spirit communicator” or medium James Van Praagh. Some episodes have also been influenced by the work of Mary Ann Winkowski, another medium.

The TV series Ghost Whisperer has in turn spawned several novels like “Revenge”, “The Haunted,” and “The Muse” and video games, all achieving popularity in no time at all. The Ghost Whisperer is about to enter its fifth season and Ghost Whisperer viewers are already clamoring for more.