George Lopez

George Lopez also known as The George Lopez Show is a very popular American sitcom which stars the Mexican-American comedian George Lopez.
It is actually an American situation comedy and George Lopez himself was the associate creator, writer, financier and also the star of the television series. This television show was originally broadcasted on the ABC from 2002 March till 2007 May. The rerun of the program is aired on the broadcast syndication, Nick at Nite and The CW Plus in the United States and Telelatino aired on Canada.

In 2007 March, George Lopez announced that he would join Nick at Nite and the TV show was aired for the first time on 2007 September. The sixth season of the show was cancelled by ABC in the 2007 and the last time it was aired on this channel on 2007 September.

George Lopez Plot

The plot of George Lopez is centered on the protagonist who is employed at a managerial post of the Powers Brothers Aviation, a company that makes aviation parts. His family comprises of his wife and two children. The episodes of George Lopez TV series focuses on the protagonist’s efforts to live with his madcap family and the incidents that happen one after another. George and his family are residents of the San Fernando Valley in the state of Los Angeles. George has had a troubled childhood owing to his abusive mother and a careless father who had deserted them when he was still young. The show derives its comic moments from the incidents when George tries to spy on his kids and catch them in the act of troublemaking so that he can rebuke them for their deeds. However, George still loves his family and is willing to go to any extent for them.

George Lopez: Characters

The main characters of the TV serial George Lopez are:
•George Lopez who plays the title role had been abused by his mother all through his childhood. As a child he played guitar and baseball and later on started a musical band called Los Bad Asses with his friend Ernie.
•Angie Lopez is George’s wife and daughter of Vic Palmero. She works as a wedding planner as well as a saleswoman for beauty products. She mothers two children- Carmen and Max. Constance Marie plays the role of the pretty wife of George Lopez, Angie.
•Masiela Lusha plays Carmen Lopez who is known for making headlines due to the scandals like running away from school, public display of affection etc.
•Ernie Cardenas, played by Valente Rodriguez, is the best friend of George Lopez.

George Lopez update

Ever since 2002, George Lopez, with his wit and humor on the George Lopez show, has satisfied audiences hungry for a good sitcom on television. No wonder then that the show has brought in a lot of viewers for the host channel ABC. Throughout its six seasons, George Lopez, playing a sitcom dad, had the audience in splits. What was even more appreciated was the fact that the comedy did not become stale after a while. In fact, with time, George Lopez has improved more and more. In fact, George Lopez, playing himself on the TV show was ranked amongst the #50 greatest TV Dads of all time, a testament to the show’s popularity. The primetime Emmy in its trophy cabinet also speaks volumes about the quality sitcom that it is.