Family Guy

Family Guy is an animated televised sitcom that has been garnering rave reviews across the United States. The story of an American family, the Griffins, Family Guy may sound deceptively simple and uncharacteristically uni-dimensional. But sit through a few episodes and you will be amazed to discover its scope. Couched amongst the simplistic illustrations and the no-frills settings, are gentle but nonetheless sharp digs at the American society, the prevalent cultural beliefs, and the far-reaching impact of television.

Family Guy has been conceived by Seth MacFarlane for the Fox Broadcasting Company. Family Guy ratings are amongst the highest in the animated sitcom genre.

Family Guy Plot

Family Guy revolves around a dysfunctional family, the Griffins. The family comprises Peter, Lois, Chris, Brian, Meg, and Stewie. Family Guy viewers would be interested to know that the idea for this family actually originated from Larry shorts series of animated films, also by Seth MacFarlane, which were rejected.

Family Guy is set in the imaginary town of Quahog in Rhode Island. The series employs an interesting technique of storytelling: using cutaway gags to deliver its incisive remarks on life at large.

Family Guy Characters

The Griffin family is headed by Peter, a well-meaning but ungainly blue collar worker with Irish American Catholic leanings and a distinct Rhode Island accent. His wife Lois is a homemaker and she also gives piano lessons. She flaunts a hard-to-miss New England accent, courtesy her birth in a wealthy family.

Peter and Lois have three children: Meg, Chris, and Stewie. Meg is homely teenage girl, not very popular amongst her peers. Chris is obese, dull, and in these, he bears a striking resemblance to his father. Stewie is just a baby but sports adult-like traits and speaks in an exaggerated English accent.

Brian, the dog in the family, hardly shows any canine characteristics. He instead walks on his two legs, smokes a cigarette or two, gulps down Martinis, drives the car, and even participates in human conversations. But he is still regarded as a pet by his master.

Family Guy is a story of these Griffins. Their neighbors, Glenn, Cleveland Brown, and Herbert, also comprise the cast. They all live in this quintessential American town of Quahog, which is a character in itself, with its unique shades and hues.

Quahog has been represented as a complete world wherein the characters are confronted by problems of a modern society, which allows the creators to bring forth issues of concern.

Family Guy, initially did not employ a huge casting crew of minor characters who reappeared. But of late, minor characters have reappeared in several of the episodes. However, the center of action and attention is still the weird and quirky Griffin family.

Family Guy: Laurels

Family Guy has had laurels heaped on it. It has been nominated for eleven Emmy Awards, of which it has bagged three. It has also been nominated for an astonishing eleven Annies and it has won three. Clearly, the Griffins look like the First Family of animated TV series.