Entourage – General Information

Entourage is a popular comedy drama series which is aired on one of the premium channels HBO. The drama series was created and designed by Dough Ellin. The outline of the story deals with the main character Vincent Chase and his rise to stardom in the Hollywood Film Industry. The story also shows the interaction between Vincent’s childhood friends who are from different cities like New York, Queens etc. The plot of the serial navigates through the unfamiliar paths of glamorous Hollywood societies. This drama series was first aired on HBO on 18th July, 2004. The show became such a hit that it is still running and it is in its sixth season.

The serials executive Producers are Stephen Levinson and Mark Wahlberg. The drama is loosely based on the experiences of Mark Wahlberg who was an upcoming movie star once. The drama series portrays the friendship and bond between male friends and their experiences in Hollywood. The main attraction of this drama series has been the guest appearances of many famous Hollywood stars.

Entourage – Cast and Characters

The story of Entourage revolves round Vincent Chase the main character of the drama series. He is an upcoming movie actor who gradually becomes a successful star in Hollywood. The experiences that Vincent have in Hollywood are more or less based on the real life experiences of Mark Wahlberg, one of the executive producer duo of the drama series. The character of Vincent is played by none other than the handsome Adrian Grenier. His best buddy and manager Eric Murphy’s character and experiences was also based on Mark’s friend Eric Weinstein who is also an executive producer. It is said that the character of Eric Murphy also has some shades of the real life experiences of Stephen Levinson. The character of Eric Murphy is played by Kevin Connolly.
Kevin Dillon plays the older brother of Vincent. The character that he is playing in the series is named Johnny Chase. He is also called Drama Chase. Johnny acted in a fictional show called Viking Quest when he was a child. He is the trainer and chef of Vincent. The new show Five Towns is a hit now and Johnny’s career is shaping up again. The character is based on the real life of Mark’s cousin Alves. Donnie Wahlberg Mark’s big brother has actually hired him to keep Mark out of trouble in real life.
Vincent’s another childhood friend Salvatore rounds up the entourage. He was fondly known as Turtle among his friends. The character of Salvatore is played by Jerry Ferrara. In this drama series Salvatore plays the role of driver and assistant to Vincent. The character of Salvatore is also based on a real life character. Vincent’s agent was played by Jeremy Piven. The name of this character is Ari Gold. He is a bit abrasive but yet a lovable guy. Jeremy Piven got several nominations for Emmy for his role in Entourage and won it. Amazingly this role of Ari Gold is also based on Mark’s real life agent whose name is Ari Emanuel.