The year 1984 marked the creation of Akira Toriyama’s most famous manga (Japanese Comics) series: Dragon Ball. Weekly Shōnen Jump, a publication of the Jump line of magazines featured the Dragon Ball series for a tenure of 11 years (1984-1994). Comprising of 519 chapters, the series was published in 42 tankōbon( Japanese term for a book which is complete in itself) which was later adapted for three anime series : Dragon Ball, Dragon Ball Z,Dragon Ball GT by the production company “ Toei Animation”. After the termination of Dragon Ball, the Dragon Ball Z series was aired on Fuji Television in Japan from 26th of April,1989. This part of the story was adapted from the final twenty six volumes of manga series and ran for 291 episodes till January 2006.


The tales of Dragon ball series have been woven around the adventures of a monkey tailed boy by the name of “Goku”. Based upon the theme of “friendship, struggle and victory “ , the story revolves around martial art trained Goku’s journey to revive the seven dragonballs – mythical objects required to summon a dragon who will grant any wish. As the journey stretches through various episodes , the Dragon Ball Z series deals with Goku , his son Gohan and fellow companions who combat against the deadly forces of mighty Saiyans to save the planet Earth .

Goku and Gohan searches for Namekian Dragon Balls which will provide them with the power to summon the mighty dragon, who grants one wish. Goku and Gohan choose to resurrect their fallen comrades to join the fight against the Saiyan Vegeta and the evil Frieza. It focuses more on the intense, multi-episode battles that the Z Warriors fight with their foes. The pivot of the war journey shifts from Radditz (Goku’s brother) to the final match between Goku and Uub.

DRAGON BALL Z Voice Casting

The Japanese anime developed by Toei Animation, has Goku being voiced by Masako Nozawa. Dragon Ball Z, with its widespread popularity, has been dubbed in various languages resulting in changes in voice acting for Goku and many other characters. Changes in dubbing studios also led to recasting.

Don Brown, Dameon Clarke, Ted Cole, Michael Richard Dobson, Brian Drummon were some of the notable personalities who lent their voices for this mythical action packed anime series

DRAGON BALL Z Popularity Status

Besides being one of the most popular manga series, the popularity of its screen adaptation has been overwhelming. The main character of Goku has been the most lovable and thus became “The Strongest manga character of all times”. Being an inspiration for other manga creators, Goku’s adventures bagged the 12th position among the top hundred anime in an online poll carried out by a media organization “TV Asahi”. Rated with a 9 point, it is riding high up in the IMDB ladder too.

Even the gradual transformation of characters from ‘chubby art style’ into leaner and muscular figures was very well received among the critics and the audiences. The constant innovation in its blend of story-telling and redefined characterization helped to popularize the anime series. North America, New Zealand and Australia had licensed the anime series for broadcasting in their own networks. Channels like Cartoon Networks, Toonami have helped to cater the renowned anime series across many parts of the globe.

DRAGON BALL Z Additional Information

20th Century Fox began production of the first American-made live-action film of Dragon Ball Z in the year 2002 which got released on April 10, 2009.