Dollhouse is an American science fiction in series from made for Television shows. This serial was created and written by Joss Whedon through the production house of Mutant Enemy Production. Initially the series was rated as poorly viewed program in its first season, but 2009 after Fox had introduces its return in Television screen it is enjoying better DVR ratings. The new season episode of Dollhouse is to be premiered on Friday, September 18, 2009, on FOX, at9/8c.

Dollhouse Plot

Dollhouse is an illegal, prohibited and hidden place where every wishes turn to be true. Clients with proper reference and money come to this place to hire the people [they called actives] who are programmed to accompany the needs of the clients. Actives are self chosen people, member of the Dollhouse for five year contract and they have already surrendered their bodies and minds for the job of the dollhouse. Now Dollhouse can imposed any personality, skill , vice, mentality, even muscle memory, and these actives can work as lover, assassin, spy, companion, etc. Once the assignment is complete they delete everything from their memory.

There was one active named as Echo, who turned to be self aware and was started wandering about the reason about her fixation with Dollhouse and ultimately a thrilling mystery came to be exposed.


Fox stopped the further production of this crime thriller in September 2008 because they wanted to provide writer Whedon some more time to expand the scripts. However, the shutdown of the serial lasted only for 2-week time and it did not affect at all the prefixed premiere date of 2009.

Dollhouse star cast

Eliza Dushku acted as Echo, the protagonist, Olivia Williams played the role of Adelle DeWitt, Tahmoh Penikett worked as Paul Ballard, Fran Kranz played the role as Topher Brink, the role of Sierra was played by Dichen Lachman, Enver Gjokaj as Victor and Harry J. Lennix played the role of Boyd Langton in Dollhouse.

Critical response against Doll house show

The first season of Dollhouse had a mixed rating scored 57 out of 100; however when some of the viewer rated it as boring, bogus, and stupid serial, some of the viewer like the vivacity of the plot and the cool approach of this scientific crime thriller. Some of the reviewers found this serial drama as quite intelligent because of its mysterious plots, sly type of dialogue, straight forward and logical flow of actions, and bubbly effect of the dramatic progression and tactful use of dialogue, movement, and star casting skill. In fact the drama for some people looked too promising or thought provoking and was able to create a new sensation on the television shows.

The premiere episode of Dollhouse helps Fox immensely to double it audience; it hits especially women viewers. In Australia Dollhouse was premiered on FOX 8 ON June 2009. Almost 120,000 viewers watched that show.
The music of this tele show deserves special mention; it was create by Rob Simonsen and Mychael Danna and the music track was highly praise in between the audiences.