Dexter is one of the most popular US television drama series. It is set in the backdrop of Miami and the series revolves around the central character called Dexter Morgan, who actually a blood spatter analyst is working with the Miami Metro Police Department and also a clandestine serial killer ruled by certain strict ethical codes. This particular series is based on a fictional character called Dexter created by Jeff Lindsay for the series of novel by the same name. This series of novel was adapted for a television show by the famous award winning screenplay writer James Manos. He wrote the pilot episode for Dexter . This is the fourth and the fifth season of the Dexter running successfully with the same kind of popularity across US.

Dexter plot

The first season was directly adapted from the first novel called Darkly Dreaming Dexter by Jeff Lindsay’s “Dexter” series. The succeeding seasons have also featured original storylines as plots. Dexter was orphaned at the age of 3 and he had a traumatic secret. He was adopted by a Miami police officer named Harry Morgan played by James Remar. He recognized the socio-pathic inclination and trained him to focus this sense to use it for more constructive work. He had a horrific thrill and obsession for killing, so Harry instructed him to kill who deserve it.

Dexter Characters

The role of Dexter was played by Michael C. Hall and he is the principal cast of the show. It also includes Jennifer Carpenter who is Hall wife in real life as Officer Debra Morgan, Dexter’s sister. Dexter’s girlfriend and later she would become his wife Julie Benz is played by Rita Bennet and James Remar in the role of Harry who is Dexter’s deceased father.

Lt. Maria LaGuerta as Dexter commanding officer is played by Lauren Vélez, Detective Angel Batista is played by David Zayas and Vince Masuka as C.S. Lee the lab technician.
His girlfriend Rita has two children called Cody and Astor played by Preston Bailey and Christina Robinson. Sgt. James Doakes was played by Erik King, Special FBI Agent Frank Lundy is played by Keith Carradine and ADA Miguel Prado is played by Jimmy Smits. The notorious killer called Trinity Killer was played by John Lithgow.

Dexter Awards

Some of the awards won by Dexter series in the year 2006 are,

-Official Selection of AFI Awards for being TV program of the year
-IGN for best new show
-Michael C. Hall as IGN best actor
-IGN for best villain in The Ice Truck Killer
-Dexter Morgan as IGN best character
-Satellite Awards for excellent actress in a supporting role in a series – Julie Benz

Some of the awards won by Dexter series in the year 2007 are,

-Emmy award for excellent main title design
-Emmy award for excellent single-camera picture editing for a drama series
-IGN for best storyline
-IGN for best television program
-Satellite Awards for actor in a supporting role in a series – David Zayas
-Satellite Awards for actor in a drama series – Michael C. Hall