Desperate Housewives

One of the noted Comedy – drama sequence on American television, Desperate Housewives describes a world full of catfights seduction, desire and murder, which makes a day. Marc Cherry has created the show under the production of ABC Studios and Cherry Production. The show was put on air on 3rd of October 2004 and is still running.

Desperate Housewives Plot

The Plot of Desperate Housewives has been set on the street of Wisteria Lane situated in the fictitious American town named Fairview in the Eagle state. The story revolves round the lives of a group of women, mostly married, perceived through the eyes of their “dead” neighbor, while being engaged in their regular domestic activities and family life. And their confrontations, the hush-hush situations, sin and secrecy is behind the doors of their apparently beautiful and perfect suburban neighborhood. You have a perfect home, a perfect Family, and the perfect neighborhood to enjoy. Having wished to live there you would probably be peeking all the way through your curtains to spy on the lady who just can not give the impression to keep a man save he is in coma. And you would definitely your to keep your man away from a super hot babe around the hood and from the lady who happens to have a better luck with guns than men.

Desperate Housewives Cast

Some of the popular casts of Desperate Housewives are
Andrew Van de Kamp (SHAWN PYFROM)
Son of Bree Hodge
Betrothed to Orson’s plastic surgeon, Alex
Lives along the street from his mother

Wedded to Orson Hodge
Mother of Andrew and Danielle
Somebody who likes to do things properly
Flourishing cookbook author

Nuptial to Gabrielle Solis
Had a hot affair with Edie
Father of Juanita and Celia

Mother of Juanita and Celia
Married to Carlos Solis
Ex- model
Of late took in Carlos’s teenage niece, Ana

Mary Alice Young (BRENDA STRONG)
First of the housewives on Wisteria Lane
Original name was Angela
Committed suicide due to her shady past

Susan Mayer (TERI HATCHER)
Once married to Mike Delfino
Mother of Julie and M.J.
Writer of Children’s’ book
A slight maladroit

Desperate Housewives’ Reception

In its Opening year the show has been the major accomplishment (2004 – 2005.) It has been well acknowledged both the viewers and critics. It recorded to have an audience of around 21.3 million and positioned itself as the years’ best new production. it was also marked as the highest rated show of the week. In the second year also the show managed a viewers list of around 22.2 million and maintained its high rating. It was voted as the fourth most watch show in America. Desperate Housewives has won Six Emmy awards, Two Golden globe Awards, and two Screen actors Guild Awards.