Defying Gravity

First aired on August 2, 2009 the show has already gained so much popularity in USA, that the producers are already reviewing their plans of extending their proposed number of episodes. Defying Gravity is a Sci-fi television drama series multi-nationally-produced by the BBC, Fox Television Studios and Omni Film Productions in association with CTV Television Network and SPACE of Canada, and German broadcaster ProSieben. The Broadcasters ABC and CTV have picked up this series for the summer of 2009 and are already airing it for 60 minutes in Prime time. It is a Sci-Fi show which has an interesting plot as well as premises to focus on the human conditions and struggles and not science.

Defying Gravity plot

This show follows the lives of eight astronauts on board the international spacecraft Antares who were handpicked for an incredible six-year journey exploring planets in the solar system. Adventures await the crew as they discover their lives and destinies to be intertwined and carefully directed, not only by Mission Control officials on Earth, but also by an unseen force which is much closer and far more powerful. In spite of a libido-controlling device worn by each crew member- HALO, romantic entanglements occur. With the eyes of the entire world upon them – everything they do is monitored and scrutinized. It’s soon they discover that their real assignment is not at all what they thought.
Each episode is divided between the present mission and flashbacks that show the selection process each astronaut went through to become part of the project.

Defying Gravity Characters

Casting is clearly the strongest strength of this series. Each actor/actress stands out on his/her own and brings surprising depth to their characters. The series’ international ensemble cast is led by Ron Livingston who deserves special accolades portraying character of the flight engineer, Maddux Donner. Laura Harris as ship’s geologist is brilliant in her act. Christina Cox as biologist Jen Crane, Paula Garces as a pilot and a scientist draws the audience in easily. Some of the actors who stand out notably are Zahf Paroo as Ajay Sharma, Maxim Roy as Claire Dereux. Rollie Crane casted by Ty Olsson was commendable in his job. The rest of the characters remain in the background punctuating scenes with comedy and pathos as needed.
Character development plays a major part in the building of this show. Every character is broken up into training sessions (before the mission) and during the mission. Showing the characters before and during the mission gives us a look into their lives on several different levels may be little confusing at times but are worth appreciating.

Defying Gravity: An Overview

Out of the proposed 13 episodes, Defying Gravity has been already aired 6 times. Though the initial episodes couldn’t attract as much audience as the producers might have expected, but the show is now gaining popularity. There are also some scientific inaccuracies with unnecessary melodrama. Notwithstanding these, this one promises to show some creativity enthralling people with much more beyond the same old reality, cop, lawyer shows, and doctor shows.
It features impressive effects, glassy space station, realistic-looking ships and NASA-worthy views of the earth from space. Everything feels so high-priced and inviting. Beyond these, the program raises some potent philosophical questions to a human mind, and the search for those answers is rather satisfying.