CSI: NY or the Crime Scene Investigation: New York is one of the most popular police procedural based TV series in US. It was premiered in the year 2004. This TV series was actually a sequel though indirect of the earlier popular show called CSI: Crime Scene Investigation and CSI: Miami on CBS.

The show follows the investigations made by a special team of forensic scientists from the New York City Police Department as they try to find out and reveal the possible circumstances pertaining to unexplained and strange deaths and other kind of crimes.

This series was produced in collaboration with Alliance Atlantis, a Canadian media company. After the dissolution of this company in 2007 CBS Paramount Television has all the right of production for CSI: NY.


CSI NY is based on the Crime Scene investigations set against the backdrop of New York City. Each episode centers on a particular investigation case that was conducted by the forensic scientists of the NYPD or New York City Police Department while probing a mysterious death. The first season of CSI NY began with the episode titled Blink where the plot revolved around the discovery of two dead bodies that were strangulated in a similar way. The evidences gathered from the second scene of crime provided the detectives with the lead to the third potential victim who happened to be paralyzed and could only blink. Other episodes of season one CSI NY included A Man a Mile, American Dreamers, Outside Man, Creatures of the Night, Grand Master, Three Generations are Enough, Rain, Officer Blue, Recyling and many more.

CSI NY Characters

The characters of the serial CSI: NY can be divided into three parts- the common and current characters who appear everyday, the characters played as technical experts in the crime lab, the negative notable ones and recurrent ones. The last category consist those characters who keep coming back as stock characters.
So the lead characters in this TV series are:
•Mac Taylor portrayed by Gary Sinise who is still alive and had appeared in MIY/NYC Non Stop which was the twenty third episode of the second season.
•Lindsay Monroe played by Anna Belknap who was seen in Zoo Park episode for the first time. She is still alive in the series hence can be featured in any other episode.
•Adien Burn is a deceased character who died in the episode Heroes. This character was played by Vanessa Ferlito.
•ME Dr Peyton Driscoll and the technician of the laboratory Zack Shannon are the members of crime lab
•Henry Darious (James Badge Dale), Andrew Bedford played by Kerr Smith or Suspect X by Kam Heskin are the notable enemies in the show.

CSI NY Update

The fifth season of CSI: NY ended on May 14th 2009. Anticipation is high as the opening of the sixth season draws closer. According to official sources, season 6 of CSI: NY will start on September 23rd. If the CSI: NY ratings of the past 5 seasons are anything to go by, the debut of season 6 will see ratings climbing through the roof. Long time CSI fans are also excited at the prospect of CSI: NY crossing paths with CSI and their Miami counterparts, as has been promised by the shows producers this season. With its 6th season, CSI: NY looks to be adding to its tally of 4 primetime Emmy nominations. However, it is up to the team of writers to keep things as interesting and the action as edge-of-seat as the previous 5 seasons.