CSI: Miami

This is an action packed TV show aired in CBS channel of America that deals with a team of Miami-Dade forensic scientists as they investigate into mysterious and unusual deaths and other crimes. This is a story that captures the way this team goes into adventure, thrills, and uses intelligence to unveil various murders. It is the huge success of CSI: Crime Scene Investigation and CSI: New York that mainly triggered the CSI: Miami which was first broadcasted on May 9, 2002. To date, seven seasons have already been aired in US. CBS renewed the show for an eighth season which will begin on 21 September, 2009.

CSI: Miami plot

Fast-paced forensics drama CSI: Miami revolves around a team of Forensic experts of South Florida investigating on murders using both new technology scientific methods as well as old-fashioned work to solve crimes. Horatio Caine is a former homicide detective, heads the group. Caine is a man who relies on both gut feeling and evidence to solve cases. Megan Donner, a DNA specialist helps him with scientific dealings. Other members are Calleigh Dusquene, with a specialty in ballistics; Tim Speedle, an investigator who has the streets of Miami at his fingertips, and Eric, an underwater recovery expert of the Florida waterways; and Alexx Woods. Lt. Yelina Salas is the widow of Horatio’s brother Raymond and helps the team. Together they set out for searching and analyzing evidences to solve various crimes.

CSI: Miami Characters

In this type of Forensic drama, as far as casting is concerned, one would expect the actors be bold and always up on their toes. The character of Horatio Caine as played by David Caruso is as much a sensitive issue to people all around the world, as is controversial because of the unusual way he delivers his lines. The other regular cast is not bad either. As CSI: Miami is very gritty and serious, the only comic relief comes out of David Caruso with his big suits, cheesy delivery of lines, and that oh-so cool handling of deadly situations. Emily Procter, with her cuteness portrays Calleigh Dusquene and one honestly believes that she knows what she’s talking about when it comes to ballistics. Adam Rodriguez is memorable in the character of as funny Delko while Khandi Alexander is simply wonderful as Alexx Woods, the Chief Medical Examiner who talks to dead people. Alexx is a fascinating, wonderful character that gives much needed warmth to the show. The other supporting actors on the show are good, too, as they are in all the CSI shows.

CSI: Miami, in Figures

This show after starting in 2002 has seen many ups and downs. The latest figures of American TV ratings reveal that this cop-show ranks among the top five in terms of popularity. Though this CSI: Miami is an all-to-view action packed drama series targeted to all age audience, the latest study shows that it has its own attraction mainly to the teenage boys and girls. But again, let’s not forget that people in this age are youthful and more inclined towards adventure based programs.