CSI – General Information

CSI or Crime Scene Investigation can be described as the most talked about series in the history of the American TV shows. It is because of the fact that the series deals with the crime scenes of America talking instances from the real life crime and forensic reports. The CSI was created by celebrated Jerry Bruckheimer and Anthony E. Zuiker. The first episode of this crime drama series was aired on the CBS channel on 6th October, 2000. After its first season the show became a huge hit in America and in other countries too.

The series was shot mostly at the Universal Studios of California in its primary stages. The story line of the crime scene investigation deals with a group of scientists who are unveiling the truth behind the unusual and mysterious death and other crimes. The first eight season of the show starred the central character Dr. Gil Grissom played by William Petersen. He played the role of the night shift supervisor who is the best to investigate the crime scenes. But during the middle of the ninth season of this series William Petersen left the series. After that the role of Dr. Gil Grissom was changed and new character called Dr. Raymond Langston emerged and it was played by Laurence Fishburne. He plays the role of a doctor who turns in to a criminologist to deal with his past demons.

The reception quality of this crime drama series is fantastic and it is needless to say that it has got a very high and steady ratings. Many a times the show has become the number one show on CBS. But the show has also got its share of criticism. Many critics have mentioned the inaccurate and bizarre ways that the police investigations are done on the show. Sometimes the show portrayed extreme violence. In spite of this the show has enthralled and captivated the viewers for nine years in a row and has got numerous acclaims and awards. Till now the CSI has won nine prestigious awards. The shows become so immensely popular that various media projects were being made. Different kinds of video games, books, additional TV shows, and exhibition in Museum of Science and Technology are among some of them. It has already aired its 200th show on TV.

CSI – The Plot

The CSI drama series is all about the investigations of the crime scenes of the LAPD or Las Vegas Police Department. This department is referred as the Las Vegas Crime Lab by the officers. The producer of this show chose Las Vegas because Las Vegas is the second most active crime investigation centre in the United States. The Federal Bureau of Investigation of Virginia is the first one in the country. The show mostly depends on the forensic investigations made by the federal officers to investigate a crime and solving them. Sometimes the outcome of these investigations is so bizarre that it questions the normal nature and morals of human being.