Cold Case

Cold Case is a series based on the police procedural on certain baffling cold cases. This American TV series follows the investigation performed by the fictionalized division of Philadelphia Police Department in Pennsylvania which specializes on solving cold cases. This TV show was broadcasted for the first time on 2003 September on CBS. On 2009 September, the seventh season of the Cold Case TV series is scheduled to be broadcasted.

In one of the episodes in May 2007, Scotty Valens played by Danny Pino, a Cold Case detective appeared in the CSI: NY episode called Cold Reveal as a character from the Cold Case series. Both the series were connected based on a particular unsolved case. The Cold Case series aired on CBS are produced by Jerry Bruckheimer.

Cold Case Plot

The plot of Cold Case revolves around Lily Rush who has been assigned the responsibility of investigating crimes that were committed long back but have not been resolved till date. Such crimes are referred to as “cold cases”. Lily Rush works for the Philadelphia Police detective department and is a part of the homicide squad. In all the cold cases that she assigned to her, she has to give another thought to the scene of the crime. Since the crimes happened years back, she has to find out people who have some sort of a connection with the victim and interview them once again to find the missing links in the Cold Case. However, there have been cases which were not homicides and the death happened due to an accident. One of the episodes titled “Officer Down” was in fact not a Cold Case.

Cold Case Characters

In this popular nail-biting TV serial Cold Case, the lead detective is Lilly Rush. She had been the sole female investigator of this serial for the first two seasons. The character of Lilly is played by Kathryn Morris. Lilly Rush is the daughter of Ellen Rush played by Meredith Ruster and has a kid sister Christina Rush played by Nicky Aycox. Detective Scotty Valens is the partner of Lilly Rush and youngest member of the squad other than kat Miller. Danny Pino plays the role of this detective. He is introduced in sixth episode. John Finn plays the role of squad commander Lieutenant John Stillman. Detective Kat Miller is introduced in the third season. She is a single mother of young Veronica.

Cold Case: an overview

Cold Case has been a huge hit with the audiences ever since its inception. Now, after six complete seasons, the popularity remains, with a huge fan base of viewers. Crime investigations have always captured the viewer’s imagination on television and the success of Col Case stands testimony to the fact that a good suspense crime thriller still has a significant viewer base. Season 7 is supposed to start in September 2009 and it will no doubt continue the legacy of good viewer ship ratings for Cold Case. The host network CBS expects viewer ratings to be high enough to take the show into further seasons from the present season as well.