Chuck is an action based comedy television series from the United States. It was created by Chris Fedak and Josh Schwartz. This TV series is about a regular computer-whiz-kid who would receive a clandestine encoded e-mail from a particular college friend who is working with the CIA. The message embeds the single remaining reproduction of some of the greatest spy secrets of the world into Chuck’s brain.

The TV show was produced by Wonderland Sound, College Hill Pictures, Vision and Warner Bros in collaboration. This series was first aired on September 2007 on the NBC.
Inspite of receiving a full pickup for the season, the first season included only 13 episodes, as the production was stopped due to the problem with the Writers Guild of America.

Chuck Plot

The plot of Chuck revolves around a young computer wiz who acquires confidential state information on his birthday when he gets an email from his friend Bryce Larkin. Bryce is a college friend of the protagonist, who is now working with the CIA. The mail contains secret information about the government and as soon as he reads it the entire information is transferred into his brain via a neural supercomputer called the Intersect. Now the CIA and the NSA want this information back at any cost and assign the task to two of their agents, Sarah Walker and Major John Casey. On the other hand, the protagonist has to keep his profession a secret. The name of the protagonist is Chuck Bartowski and thus the name of the TV series Chuck.

Chuck Characters

The title role of popular TV serial Chuck is played by Charles Irving Bartowski who is lovingly called Chuck. His claim to fame has been that he had almost memorized the database of NSA and CIA and earnestly looks forward to help them with his knowledge. Zachary Levi plays the title role. Sarah Walker, the CIA officer uses this name as her alias who protects Chuck. Yvonne Strahovski portrays this role. Colonel John Casey, played by Adam Baldwin, is another agent assigned for the protection of the protagonist. Diane Beckman is the Brigadier General and the existing Director of NSA and appeared in the episode Chuck Versus the Helicopter for the first time. Bonita Friedericy plays this role.

Chuck Update

Chuck has been prolific in terms of ratings because it is considered by many as one of the best action comedy series currently on television. The first two seasons have garnered a lot of appreciation as well as a primetime Emmy. However, there had been talk of the shows cancellation. Fortunately, popular demand meant that alternate arrangements were made so that proper funding for a third season was in place. Season 3 is supposed to debut sometime in late 2009 or 2010 and as per present information; Chuck will retain its present time slot for the third season as well. On the fans side, it was a welcome relief for all lovers of the show to know that they will be able to enjoy the rib tickling adventures of the computer geek cum secret agent for a third season as well.