Charmed is a guilty-pleasure fantasy about three witch sisters, Phoebe (Alyssa Milano), Piper (Holly Marie Combs), and Paige (Rose McGowan), who live in a really great San Francisco house and fight evil in super cool outfits. Theirs is a practical magic.

Charmed characters

Selling this kind of comedy takes certain gameness, and the actresses have got it. Milano has turned exasperation into an art form, as she’s morphed into everything from Mata Hari to her combat-booted former teen self this season. McGowan, who in 2001 replaced Shannen Doherty as a long-lost sister, has shed her in die-chick-slumming-on-TV ‘tude (that noise you heard in her first season was, like, her soul dying) and is all the zippier for it. Best of all is Combs, who, as pert little mother Piper, is a purse-lipped precision under player. When the Headless Horseman relieved her of her body, she seemed more annoyed than scared that her noggin was stuck on a mantel next to a houseplant.

Charmed season 8

As Season 8 opens in “Still Charmed and Kicking” you feel almost honored that you are allowed to see what happens next, after the threat that The Halliwells would not return as The Charmed Ones again. The viewer gets to see HOW the characters get out of the mess that they seem to have created for themselves. It is yet another superb one. It begins by revealing The Halliwells are back in The Manor, living with their father Victor. Only they are posing, in magical disguise, as The Bennetts, pretending that they are three cousins and that Victor is in fact their uncle.

Charmed theme

The opening episodes of Season 8 hold a nostalgia that reminds us of Season 1 – the music and themes of it. Charmed has always had an underlying tragic feel to it, with the constant loss and sacrifice the sisters have had to experience over the years, both before and after they were witches; and a season that opens at the funerals of the three principle characters dwells on this further. Although we know that they are not really dead, there is a morbid feel to it – a morbid fascination nonetheless.
Season 8 carries the “faked death” theme throughout the first few episodes, not simply throwing the plotline away. And to great effect too. Their reasons for returning to their old lives are believable and well-planned, as is the way in which they eventually reveal to the world that they are still alive (the excuse that they have been working for the government). The best part of it is that they return to being Halliwells, allowing us to feel satisfied that Charmed will not end with the sisters forsaking their legacy.

Charmed finale

The finale of the season is spectacular! The battle The Halliwells have to face is superb, incorporating an assortment of various different elements from plotlines-past, such as The Hollow and The Triad. These are not used repetitively though, only to highlight the weight of this ultimate fight.

The explosion in the basement of The Halliwells’ home, which occurs in the Season 7 finale, seems minuscule in comparison to the event that takes place in the penultimate episode: The Manor actually totally blows up! This occurrence is literally phenomenal.
“Forever Charmed”, the final episode, is the perfect mix of action, nostalgia, characters old and new and, most importantly, it renews our faith that The Halliwells will continue their birthright on into the future.

The charmed is simply superb. Average rating for this product is: 5 out of 5.