SHOWTIME, originally a service of Viacom, started broadcasting the show Californication from August 13, 2007. The American show falls under the comedy genre with dark shades added in patches. Tom Kapinos dons both the hat of Executive Producer and Screenwriter for this soft-core porn series who had beforehand maintained the same role for his debut venture – Dawson’s Creek (1999). With Californication, Kapinos created a slight bitter, drinking, self-loathing and one of the most caustically lovable losers television has seen in a while.


This American television show revolves around a New York novelist by the name Hank Moody, who seems to struggle with his life and complicated relationships. The tale of his confused mind set peppered with erotic stuffs makes it a palatable dish to the commercial taste of the audience. The story stitches the journey of Hank Moody along with his ex- girlfriend Karen and their daughter 12 year old Becca. Dumped by Karen, disgusted with the city life of Los Angeles and suffering from Writer’s block, Moody tries to balance his life and tries to portray himself as a significant person and a caring dad to others. But while trying to balance his journey, the upturns beside his realm continuously upsets him and his confused soul is back to the path of debasement. The roller coaster ride of the troubled novelist has been quite an innovative platter in the American TV shows.

Already completing 24 episodes in its successful two season run (2007 and 2008), Californication will be right back in the drawing rooms from September 2009.


The main protagonist – Hank Moody has been played by the Golden Globe Award Winner, David Duchovny who carries off his assigned part with ease portraying the many moods of Moody, especially being jaded and flippant at times. Natascha McElhone plays Karen van der Beek (Moody’s ex-girlfriend) while Rebecca “Becca” Moody has been played by Madeleine Martin.

Evan Handler, Pamela Adlon and Madeline Zima are the others from the ensemble cast who have etched their spaces and have been audience’s favorites.
Among them, the new comers Madeleine Martin and Madeline Zima have made both the seasons more engaging and helped to cater the show to more number of audiences through their brilliant performance.

Awards And Acclamations

The trump card of Californication is its writing which has made it so special and engaging among the people. It is rated quite high in the review spaces with 8.7 out of 10 in IMDB and a 70 in Metacritic. Californication has already won the Golden Globe and the Emmy Award in the categories of BEST ACTOR and BEST CINEMATOGRAPHER respectively. It had been nominated as many as 11 times in various categories ranging from Editing to Casting to Sound Editing and many more in various award programs like BAFTA,SCREEN ACTORS GUILD awards etc.


Though the show had walked into the paths of success, controversies were not far behind it. Primarily, the name of the show itself caused a great hullabaloo as the rock band RED HOT CHILLI PEPPERS attacked SHOWTIME because the name of the soap resembled their 1999’s hit album which would thus create mistaken identities. But as the term was not created by the band itself, the controversy still remains to be sorted out.
On the other hand, various organizations, mainly conservative groups and missionaries, protested against the erotic content of the series and made many companies ban from advertising during the running time of the show. But still the show has managed to maintain its run in its prescribed slot.

What’s New

September 27th, 2009 will see the Season 3 of Californication on SHOWTIME NETWORKS at 10:00 pm. It is known the series will kick off with Hank Moody taking the post of a Professor at the Southern California University. Some of the renowned actors are going to feature in the third season and thus with all these wonderful actors affiliated with the show, and by the looks of it, Season Three promises to deliver much more hilarity to its fans. Fingers Crossed.