Brothers and sisters

Brothers and sisters is an American dramatic television series which centers on the upper class Walker family and their lives in Los Angeles, California.

The TV show centers around the Walker family, an American family of Irish and Jewish heritages, who are involved in the family-owned business running Ojai Food Co, a produce distributor. Most of the action is set in the Greater Los Angeles area. The family home is located in Pasadena, California. The main branches of the Walker family tree included father William (deceased) (Tom Skerritt), mother Nora (Sally Field), and their five grown children – Sarah, Kitty, Tommy, Kevin, and Justin. Nora’s brother, Saul Holden (Ron Rifkin) helps to run the Walker family business and is involved in most of the family’s affairs.

Brothers and sisters plot

Brothers and Sisters set in Los Angeles, follows the ups and downs of the Walker family after their father William dies unexpectedly. The siblings each face new challenges after the safety net of their father is gone. Charlie and Nora must find a way to work together as they take over the family business. Kitty must learn to juggle her new found career success with her personal life. Bryan learns that his ex-wife will be uprooting their 8 year-old son and moving to Texas. The Walker siblings must learn to balance their personal lives with the family business as they come together to support each other and their grieving mother.

Brothers and sisters summary

The series focuses on the lives of the multi-generational Walker family. After the death of the family’s patriarch, William Walker (recurring guest star Tom Skerritt), each of the Walker family children along with the family matriarch, Nora Walker (Sally Field), must come together to navigate the bumpy road that lies ahead. As deep secrets are revealed, Sarah (Rachel Griffiths) and Tommy (Balthazar Getty) manage their father’s company and soon finds out that their father borrowed from company funds inappropriately. Things turn out to be even more complex for the family when the Walkers learn William had a mistress, Holly Harper (Patricia Wettig) and together they had a child, Rebecca (Emily VanCamp).

The lives of the Walker children are no less complex than their parents’ lives. Sarah, the eldest, balances her career with being a wife to husband, Joe (John Pyper-Ferguson), and a mother to their two children. Tommy, the oldest son, is the president of his father’s company. Kitty (Calista Flockhart) is a communications director for Senator McCallister (Rob Lowe) and is working to mend her strained relationship with her mother. Kevin (Matthew Rhys) is an openly gay lawyer whose political beliefs often clash with Kitty’s. And then there’s Justin (Dave Annable), the youngest of the Walker family who enlisted in the army days after 9/11.

Brothers and sisters ratings

In the UK, the show fared well at the start for Channel 4. The series debuted on Channel 4 on June 20, 2007 at 20:30 with an audience of 2.221m; the second episode was screened the same evening at 22:00 with an audience of 1.443m. The series then settled down to a regular audience of around 600,000, and Channel 4 started airing the remainder of the series in double bills from September 2007.

The second season of Brothers and sisters was shown on E4 starting on March 30, 2008 at 11 pm. Season 2 ended on E4 in July 2008. From October 11, 2008, Channel 4 looked set to air Season 2 in a varying afternoon slot on Saturdays around 4.30 pm, and did this for a couple of weeks using double bills but afterwards began airing episodes, still in double bills, in a un-specified time slot after midnight on Sunday night. Season Three was screened on More4 starting on January 8, 2009 and has a regular slot of 10 pm on Thursdays after ER leading up to Season Three.

Brothers and sisters awards

It received many awards from the Australian Film Institute, Casting Society of America, The Emmy Awards, GLAAD Media Awards, Golden Globes USA, People’s choice awards USA, Prism Awards, Satellite awards, Screen Actors Guild Awards, Young Artist awards.